Suspended training on TRX straps - a few exercises

If you like training with TRX bands, we have compiled a list of exercises that may be perfect for your training sessions.

Suspended training on TRX straps - a few exercises

If you like training with TRX bands, we have compiled a list of exercises that may be perfect for your training sessions. Be sure to read and include them in your exercise program!

Suspension training with TRX straps allows you to add an extra challenge to many of your regular exercises. This is an excellent way to help the body develop strength, balance, flexibility and stability.

TRX tapes are a very versatile tool as they can be used anywhere. In other words, suspension training provides the benefits of strength training without lifting heavy weights or using large machines.

It is also a training that improves muscle strength and endurance while improving the mobility and flexibility of joints. Due to the unstable nature of suspension training, exercise constantly engages the entire body and improves balance.

Remember that there is no limit to the progress you can make, and anyone from a beginner to the most advanced athlete can benefit from TRX and reap the benefits of Suspension Training.

Suspension training on TRX straps - examples of some exercises for you

Later in this article, we will introduce you to several sets of exercises that include suspension training using TRX straps. They will provide you with a great variety to your sports routine and bring the expected results. Be sure to try it out!

  1. Climber training

The first exercise with TRX that we present to you is the climber, i.e. climber training. It is an intense exercise that will allow you to lose calories and train your abdominal muscles. In it, you need to rest your feet on the handles with your toes pointing down.

To continue, place your hands in a horizontal position and slide your right knee forward to re-place them back. The exercise involves alternating the same exercise with the other leg. Especially for this exercise, we recommend that you do a good warm-up to avoid strains and injuries.


  1. Exercises for the chest - an option for training in suspension

Second, we will teach you a very simple exercise to perfect your suspension training. To do them, you need to stand with your back to the place where the TRX belts are attached. You grasp the handles straight in front of you with your arms outstretched.

Then bend your elbows to lower your body slowly and in a controlled manner, as if you were doing a push-up until your hands are close to your ribs. Then extend your arms in front of your chest to let the handles return to their starting position. Repeat.

  1. The rowing movement

To start the third exercise, stand in front of the TRX anchor point. Grasp the handles and lean back while keeping the straps taut.

After that, you must engage all of your back muscles as if it were a rowing exercise in which you move your body up until your arms are at the sides of your chest. Don't forget that you should try to move your body in one steady, controlled movement.

  1. Plank - training in suspension

Suspended training in the fourth option we propose is a plank with the use of TRX belts. Contrary to appearances, this exercise is very simple. First, stand on all fours with your knees and hands with your back to the belts. Place your feet in the belt loops.

To continue, stretch your body into a push-up position with your arms directly under your arms. Tighten your abs and gluteal muscles and focus on keeping your shoulders, hips, and ankles even. This way you will smoothly move to the plank exercise, where only your persistence counts.

  1. Suspended training - lunge forward

To perform an airlift, you must face the attachment point for the TRX harness and hold the handles with your palms facing you. Raise the left leg so that the thigh is parallel to the ground and the knee is bent at a 90-degree angle.

To continue, slide your left leg back and slide it down until your right thigh is parallel to the ground. Press down on your right heel and squeeze your buttocks to raise yourself up. Then change the side.

  1. Squats on one leg

The sixth variant for suspension training is one-leg squats with TRX belts. To do this exercise you have to stand in front of the belt anchor point and grasp the handles. Take a few steps backwards to get a lot of tension.

Stabilize your left foot, extend your right leg, and begin lowering into a squat, keeping your right leg straight and your left heel on the floor.

Once you reach a 90-degree angle, press your left heel to the ground, returning to a standing position. Make sure your arms are straight at all stages of the squat to avoid using your upper body in place of your legs and buttocks.

  1. Raising the hips

Finally, we show you how to train hamstrings with TRX. Lie on your back on the floor with your heels on the handles. Raise your hips so that your body is aligned from the shoulders to the heels. Bend your knees as you pull the handles towards your buttocks until your heels are below your knees.

To finish, push your hips down until your knees, hips, and shoulders are in line again. If you want to return to the starting position, lower your hips first and then straighten your legs.

We sincerely hope that you can prepare a good suspension training with our TRX Belt Exercise List. So now that you have the information you need to know what you are waiting for to get started.