Summer team games for kids

and add many bright moments to your child's life. As? Involving her in various activities, of course. Summer team games for kids.

Summer team games for kids
Summer team games for kids

You are not alone in your experiences. The way of life imposed by the modern world often does not allow children to unite. But from the point of view of parents, you can change the situation and add many bright moments to your child's life. As? Involving her in various activities, of course. Summer team games for kids.

Undoubtedly, team games play an important role in this. Thanks to them, the child learns to coordinate their actions with other players. In addition, this form of physical activity helps the child to make friends with other children and build trusting relationships with them.

Ten team games that will delight your children throughout the summer

The following are the best team games that will provide your child with joy and fun while meeting and making friends with other children.

  1. Game "Pass on"

This is one of the most popular games that children like to play on birthdays. It can be played both indoors and outdoors. The rule is simple. Everyone sits in a circle, the music turns on, and the children begin to pass around the circle something that can be anything, such as a ball, pillow or soft toy. As soon as the music stops, the child in whose hands this thing is, leaves the game and must suffer "punishment".

A "penalty" can also be anything from singing a song, dancing, reading a short poem or pantomime to something completely bizarre and unexpected (you will, of course, need to make sure that children do nothing wrong). Then the music is turned on again, and everything is repeated until there is no one left who becomes the winner, to whom you will have to give a small prize.

  1. Game "Human Knot"

The purpose of this game is to improve problem-solving skills and learn to communicate effectively with each other. The game requires at least 6-8 participants, preferably more. They all stand in a circle facing the center and shoulder to shoulder. The facilitator then asks each participant to reach through the center of the circle with his left hand and take the other participant's hand, then raise his right hand to take the hand of another (but different) participant, who is also standing on the opposite side of the circle. At the same time you cannot take the hand of your neighbor. That's where the funniest thing begins! Children should unravel without opening their arms to form the right circle again. You can also impose time limits and complicate the game. The point is that children will have to agree with each other and agree on a strategy and tactics for solving this problem.

  1. Game "Treasure Hunt"

"Treasure Hunt" is a universal game for children of all ages. For it you will need to hide small "treasures" in a certain area that you plan to cover this game. Treasures can be candy, balloons, small gifts - anything that comes to mind and interest children, given their age. This game can be played both indoors and outdoors. Remember that it is important to hide the "treasures" before the children come to visit, so that none of them can see where these gifts will be hidden from them! You can come up with and give them small tips to make the game easier and at the same time make it more exciting. It is necessary to reward children for their efforts and intelligence.

  1. Game "Egg fall"

Egg fall is an extraordinary team-building game for children. To conduct it, three or four small teams are created, which are given one raw egg. Next, each team in a limited amount of time must come up with and build a certain structure from the materials provided, which will protect the egg from falling, and then bring it (along with the egg) to the finish line. The team that comes first and does not let the egg fall, becomes the winner of the game. Instead of eggs, you can use some other similar in size and shape items, which is probably even better, because in this case you definitely do not have to wash anything.

  1. Game "Race in bags"

Bag Racing is one of the most popular outdoor activities, helping to establish cooperation between children and encouraging teamwork. It can be played by all children at once, competing with each other, but it is better to be divided into two teams with an equal number of participants. Then half of the team is at the start and half at the finish. One participant from each team climbs into the bag and at the signal begins to jump in it towards the opposite border, holding the edge with his hands.

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As soon as he reaches it, his teammate takes the bag and, climbing into it, walks the distance in the opposite direction, and so on. The team that finishes the game first will win.

  1. Game "Racing on balloons"

Have you ever heard of this game? It is amazing and promotes good activity. All children should be divided into pairs. Each pair will have to hold an inflated balloon with their backs and run to the finish line as a team. The pair that reaches it first becomes the winner of the game.

  1. Game "Racing on three legs"

This is another amazing team-building activity for outdoor entertainment. To begin with, you need to choose a place, it is better that it was spacious, because the game involves a sweeping mini-run. Divide the children into teams of two. Tie each pair with a handkerchief for one leg as if they had three legs (the right leg of one participant with the left leg of the other). The team starts at the signal and runs to the turning point, then quickly returns. The couple who ran first becomes the winner of the game.

  1. Mini-football

Futsal is one of the best games for children, helping them to acquire teamwork skills. Divide the children into two groups and pass them the ball. Their task is to score a goal in the opponent's team. The classic rules are that each team has four outfield players and a goalkeeper. Futsal is sure to bring your boys a few hours of joy and fun!

  1. Volleyball

Volleyball is a sports game that promotes positive relationships in the team and the acquisition of communication skills. It is implied that children will play it outdoors. The rules of the game provide for the presence of two teams and a platform separated by a grid. This is a full-fledged entertaining game that helps children not only make friends, but also improve their coordination, speed of reaction and strengthen body muscles.

  1. Game "Design"

The game is mainly designed to create a cohesive team and involves a common process of critical thinking. The organizer of the game must provide each team with all the necessary materials, asking them to build or build something from them on a given topic. The game must be complex and create favorable conditions for the rapprochement of team players in the process of hard work, in addition, to think about the task they need the whole team, "collective mind". Also, as a task, you can give the team™s puzzles and offer to put them together at speed. The team that manages first wins.