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Studying alone or group study what is better?

Studying alone or group study what is better?

Studying habits vary across students, some like to study in isolation while others prefer discussing things with peers. Each of us has a unique learning style and the decision of studying in group or studying alone highly depends on that style. On one hand, students may find group study a source of motivation, others might want to gain control of their studying. Those who feel independent while studying alone face fewer distractions and can focus on study material placing hundred percent attention to the task. Studying alone or group.

Studying alone also offers control over one’s environment that works for them. When someone is studying alone, he can design and control his schedule better as he does not depend on others to gather and discuss things. He can take breaks whenever he wants and can decide what and when he wants to study. On the other hand, group study calls for a time that works for each of the group member.

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The group study has to offer its benefits too. One can check understanding of the concepts by discussing it with others. it helps with getting concepts explained by members of the group. It is frustrating for a student if he does not understand a concept and there is no one around to explain that to him. Here group study comes to rescue as peers tend to clarify questions for one another. Students can derive energy from studying in a group.

Studying alone helps when the group is too talkative or study time turns into hang out time. Sometimes meeting keeps being rescheduled as different group members are not comfortable with the timing of group study sessions. It also wastes a lot of time and makes studying alone a plausible option.