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Studygram – what is it and where does its popularity come from?

Studygram - what is it and where does its popularity come from?
Studygram - what is it and where does its popularity come from?

Studygram is an Instagram trend that is gaining popularity all over the world. It consists in publishing content related to the learning process, methods of remembering or various techniques of taking notes. Check how to conduct a studygram and why it is worth joining the studygram community.

What is a studygram?

What exactly is a study game and why has this trend become so popular on Instagram? Over 10.8 million posts from all over the world are displayed under the #studygram hashtag! This term was created from the combination of two words – “Instagram” and “study”, that is science. It cannot be denied that study games are primarily the domain of women. They are conducted both by first-year students of high schools and technical secondary schools, as well as high school graduates and students of various faculties.

Studygram – why conduct it?

The idea behind the study programs is to show how a person learns. Daily publishing of posts or reports in which Instagramers describe their learning progress is to motivate others to take their own notes. The community of studygramers and their followers supports each other in more difficult moments. They are also focused on collaborative repetition – especially in times of the global  pandemic, when students confined to their homes have had huge problems motivating themselves to learn. It was then that the idea of ​​learning together on Instagram live, Zoom or Google Meets was born. Interestingly, anyone can join the live stream – no matter what age they are or what they study. People participating in the meeting do not talk to each other, but diligently repeat the material they have to learn.

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How to conduct a studygram?

Are you wondering how to conduct a study program? First of all, remember that you do not need to have the latest phone model or expensive writing instruments – what counts is the passion for learning and being systematic. It is enough that the content you publish is substantive and pleasing to the eye. Share your learning methods, material assimilation methods, and note-taking techniques with users. If your notes are colorful, aesthetic and everyone at school or university asks you to make photocopies, you will probably be a perfect studygramer! Also take a look at our tips that will make keeping your account easier:

  • Take care of the quality of photos – blurry photos will certainly not encourage anyone to read books, so try to make them of the best possible quality;
  • Take care of the content – remember that your Instagram revolves around the topic of science, so pay special attention to the content;
  • Be systematic – if you have decided to conduct a study program, you must be systematic. Posting photos every three months is pointless, so plan how many posts per week you can write;
  • Listen to your audience – when preparing content for your study game, try to listen to your audience, answer their questions or raise issues they need.