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Stress and its impact

Stress and its impact
Stress and its impact

The response of our body towards a difficult situation, a threat or demand is what we know as stress. Sensing danger our defense impulses get triggered and there is fight or flight reaction to a threat which is a response to stress. In threat, human nervous system releases a stream of hormones called stress hormones. Stress and its impact.

These hormones include cortisol and adrenaline and they provoke human bodies for emergency. The physical changes which happen as a result are rise in blood pressure, fast heart rate and muscle tightness. These changes increase stamina and strength and prepare us to either fight the danger or flee.

Stress might be real or sometimes we may just imagine it in a given situation. Our body has a way of protecting us from danger and that way is called stress response. In normal situations this keeps us alert, energetic and focused however, it is when an emergency arises that it gives us extra strength to fight against the odds. Stress is helpful to human beings as it makes them rise to the occasion and meet the challenges.

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It sharpens our concentration, drives us to study hard to pass an exam yet, at certain points it stops being supportive to us and causes damage to our health. It may impact our productivity, mood, relationships or even life quality. When you feel yourself being always on the toes, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted you need to reduce your stress levels so that the nervous system gets back to normal.

With some people stress becomes chronic. If we learn to identify the signs of stress, we can reduce its harmful effect. Chronic stress disrupts each bodily system including digestive and immune system. It also causes sleep disorder, depression, anxiety and even skin diseases.