STEM-learning: the path to genius

Let's talk about the benefits and creation of a favorable environment for STEM-learningHave you ever thought about the fact that

STEM-learning: the path to genius
STEM-learning: the path to genius

Let's talk about the benefits and creation of a favorable environment for STEM-learning

Have you ever thought about the fact that world-famous technology magnates were once also school children. But extremely gifted! At age 12, Mark Zuckerberg created the first messaging program. And Elon Musk at the age of 10 began developing a video game, the code of which was later bought by a well-known company. What influenced their unique abilities and pushed them to amazing victories? Passion for STEM training! What are its advantages? How to create a favorable learning environment for potential prodigies? Let's talk about it!

The shortage of professionals in certain areas - mathematics, technology, science and technology is really catastrophic. The modern labor market needs professionals who are able to collaborate, create, think critically and communicate. Will STEM help prepare future professionals with the necessary skills? So! After all, the philosophy of teaching is really different from traditional education!

9 benefits of STEM training

  1. Develops creativity. If the human mind can comprehend something, it can achieve it. Advanced developers of artificial intelligence are convinced of this. But will they be successful without creativity? No! Ingenuity and creativity are harmoniously combined in STEM and lead students to new ideas and innovations.
  2. Increases stress resistance. Can failure be a victory? So! STEM emphasizes the value of failure and encourages students to accept mistakes as part of learning. It develops self-confidence and stress resistance. What children will need in the future!
  3. Encourages experimentation. Without risky trials, there would be no innovation. But they were embodied by people who ignored the criticism and distrust of others. How to teach children not to be afraid of defeat on the way to the goal? Allow them to experiment and take a little risk while learning!
  4. Motivates learning. Are students with an average level of academic achievement able to study STEM? Of course! Teamwork encourages them to actively cooperate to find solutions to problems, significantly increases self-esteem.
  5. Develops skills for life. What impresses STEM? Practice! Children see how new knowledge and skills can be used in real life, and this is very important. And don't wait, it can be done right now!
  6. Encourages the use of technology. STEM tells us about modern and advanced technologies. Thus, children are not at all frightened by the variability of the world. In the future, this will increase their competitiveness in the labor market and allow them to keep up with the times.
  7. Teaches problem solving. STEM education teaches students not only to explore problems, but also to interpret them differently. The ability to see several scenarios will allow you to quickly adapt, apply knowledge and respond to any situation.
  8. Provides equal opportunities. Interesting fact: children with special educational needs really like STEM, they achieve great success. Such training perfectly reveals the potential!
  9. Promotes gender equality. Why do men traditionally work in the world of innovative technologies? Yes, there are women too, but they are few. The fact is that women usually doubt their abilities, because in our world it is still believed that boys are more capable of exact sciences. This stereotype is transmitted both at school and at university. STEM training allows you to break it and gives girls a great opportunity to develop their abilities to later work in traditionally male fields.

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The perfect STEM space

They are born geniuses and become professionals. But what is needed for this? Create a learning environment that will help each student feel like a real prodigy!

Make your classroom dynamic

The physical space for STEM training must be mobile and change periodically. And if there is no possibility to re-equip the classroom? Smash it at the station! And be sure to equip a practice corner! Children should be comfortable working so that they do not do.

Electronic devices are a necessity

Effective STEM teaching is impossible without digital technologies and gadgets. What if there is only one personal laptop? That's enough too! Finally, children can work in turns or in groups.

Invite professionals

What is a key component of effective STEM training? Examples of implementation of the theory in real life. Where to find them? Invite professionals from different fields to the class! Their experience will help students critically analyze areas of employment and inspire new accomplishments.

Do not strive for perfection!

Don't try to create the perfect learning space! Why? Because STEM stimulates critical thinking and teaches students to think creatively. If the learning space is "perfect", it nullifies the whole purpose of learning.