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Spiderman Miles Morales on the PS5

Spiderman Miles Morales on the PS5
Spiderman Miles Morales on the PS5

Spiderman Miles Morales is the first real nest gen exclusive released for the PS5. It features futuristic graphics, stunning visuals and absolutely addicting fast paced gameplay that is to be expected from a next generation Spiderman game. The game follows the story of a young Miles who tries to follow Peter’s footsteps and turns into a real Spiderman in the process and learns the value of the mask and everything it stands for.

Spiderman Miles Morals takes advantage of every new function the PS5 has. This includes the new DualShock 5 controller and its haptic touch. The controller now adds tension and resistance to the controller in particular elements in the game and expect the player to work through them to get the particular result the developers wanted.

Moreover, the next generation games supports 120 Hz up to 4k but expect to take that with a grain of salt as more and more consoles while they can support 4K it is unlikely TVs will be able to support 120 Hz anytime soon. Moreover, these TVs will also be unable to keep up with gaming trends as most high end TVs and gaming monitors have been sold out since a week as people ae readying their setups up for the eventual release of the console.

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Currently, Spiderman Miles Morales can only be played online or by purchasing a disc. While both are welcome options, the PS5 is currently not available anywhere as most of the pre-orders for the console were done by bots and scalpers so do not expect getting the console anytime soon. Moreover, people have cited Spiderman Miles Morals while an extremely fun game is quite short in length which is somewhat problematic especially for the completionist and for people who wanted to enjoy a longer game.

Spiderman Miles Morales revolves around the same formula that made the previous Spiderman exclusive great. It is fast paced, addicting, fun has great quirky dialogues and presents a different side in Spidey’s personality that we do not see much often. It will rank up as one of the most successful PS5 games of all time.