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Sony creates its own gambling platform for PlayStation

Sony creates its own gambling platform for PlayStation
Sony creates its own gambling platform for PlayStation

The platform created by Sony is to allow fans to bet on the results of esports events. The system is designed to allow you to bet in cash and in game items based on the history and performance of players. Sony creates its own gambling platform for PlayStation.

The idea itself was created in 2019 and then Sony submitted it to the patent office, but only now has it seen the light of day. The system is to allow viewers of esports games to bet in real time. It is supposed to allow bets in the form of cash, cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) and virtual items, probably in-game items, depending on the games we bet on.

According to Sony, the new system would be able to collect data from the current game, or check the history of players and teams, their statistics, won and lost matches and based on them calculate the stakes and the odds of winning the bets. For example, the system would be able to find video materials about a given game or maps and on their basis check whether a thrown grenade is able to knock down one, two or maybe three opponents and based on this data, calculate the chance of a successful bet.

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Subsequent bets can be on whether a given player will be defeated after a certain time from the bet placed, and classic solutions such as the match winner or a specific result of individual players. A novelty in the system, however, is the possibility of betting against other people taking part in virtual bets. Participants will be able to send each other betting suggestions along with their agreed stakes and chances of success.

Of course, filing a patent does not mean that Sony actually decides to implement it. However, the popularity of esports competitions and betting around them is growing steadily, so it is possible that we will hear more about this project soon. It is also worth adding that Sony has recently purchased the rights to e-sports competitions as part of the Evolution Championship Series for the PlayStation family.