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Some ways which gossip can be harmful

Woman whispers to her colleague in office about gossip, rumor, or secrets.

Gossip might be a source of pleasure for people who love gossiping yet it can have harmful effects on relations at times. It is surely not a good habit to talk about people’s private affairs in order to seek joy out of it. Gossiping is so powerful that it can harm our reputation. However, psychologists suggest that gossiping is natural in human beings and it might not be negative all the time.

They advocate the practice by saying that it is thousand years old and was used to garner sustenance against opponents. Gossip was also used as a tool to control one’s status within a group. It used to be a valued source of information and help human survival. People would use gossip to build strong bonds and isolate the rebels in a group.

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Some even differentiate between good and bad gossip. They distinguish the two types according to the intention and its outcomes. Bad gossip contains malice and has negative results of information sharing. People whose gossip is meant at serving their interests at others’ expense, engage in bad gossip.

Contrarily, good gossip is the one that has good intention such as warning someone against the potential harmful behavior of some third person. Some argue that gossiping about people’s negative attitudes helps to motivate the listeners to evaluate their own similar negative behaviours and try to overcome them. No matter what claims they make, gossiping is not taken as a good habit and is questionable in moral terms. People who indulge in gossiping at workplace without thinking about how it will affect others’ repute, may sometimes damage other’s careers.