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Solar Powered Robot Ariel Simplified Cleaning

Solar Powered Robot Ariel Simplified Cleaning

CES 2021 is a global stage for innovation. Solar Breeze has now lifted the curtains off a new solar powered robot known as Ariel. The latest machine produces clean pools by combining the force of solar power alongside intelligent as it elegantly travels the surface pool to collect debris. If you place the unit in the pool by turning Ariel on you can remove up to 95 percent of dirt, leaves, pollen, dust, hair, oil, and more debris on the pool. Ariel owners now will be enjoying a world without pool nets. Solar Powered Robot Ariel Simplified Cleaning.

Moreover, there will be less need for filtration and sanitization needs with less effort being put on the pump alongside less bacteria and algae growth as well. Automated surface cleaning is quickly becoming adopted and recognized throughout the industry that contributes to pool as a part of maintenance and involves having to clean an entire large pool with a healthy pool.

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Ariel is a culmination of a lot of engineering skills which has made the Solar Powered Robot quite powerful in a lot of manners. Furthermore, Ariel offers mesh filter which collects and retains particles up to 200 microns in size which works better than most surface collection systems. Ariel also features simple removal from pools with a handle along with it which allows users to easily empty debris and clean down the unit.

The panel produce enough power to run the unit and charge the battery on its own in the day. It also has built in sensors that allow it to detect obstructions in the night as well. There are no chords or hoses attached to it. It also covers the surface of the average pool about every 1.5 hours. It functions in temperatures ranging from 20 to 50 C.

If you are a pool owner and want to use this device, you can pre order the robot right now from the company’s official website. The machine is expected to be launching soon which is going to be quite exciting for pool owners around the world.