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Smartphone and programs for smm-specialist: what do you need to work?

Smartphone and programs for smm-specialist: what do you need to work?

SMM specialist is in great demand today. Such a professional, who promotes the general recognition of the brand, as well as attracts traffic to social platforms, has to perform a huge number of tasks every day. In his work, you cannot do without a smartphone, because every day you need to publish posts, monitor statistics, messages and changes.

What should a smartphone look like for an SMM specialist? The main part of the smartphone for Instagram will be the camera, so it is recommended to pay attention to the updated flagship of Apple – iPhone 13. Also, its improved hardware stuffing is ideal for a variety of functions

To work at any time of day or night, it is recommended to buy a lightweight portable battery – it will save more than once if the phone is discharged. SMM specialists often work with texts, it is possible that the capabilities of the on-screen keyboard will not be enough, in which case you can choose a compact Bluetooth keyboard that connects to a smartphone. Such gadgets can be complex, flexible, with a phone stand (a very convenient option). Another interesting option is a projection keyboard. It requires only a flat surface, it takes up almost no space, but there is no feeling of pressing a key – it can be inconvenient.

What programs are needed to work as an SMM specialist? Communication is extremely important for the work of an SMM specialist, the use of Wi-Fi speeds up all processes, and also makes travel cheaper. You can use:

  • Osmino Wi-Fi – searches for connection points, helps to connect to free;
  • WPS Connect for Android – connects to password-protected networks;
  • Wi-Fi Map – People from all over the world share access points and passwords in this application.

Some processes require control from a computer, so it is recommended to install TeamViewer to work with social platforms, which will open remote access to the computer directly from the smartphone.