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Should you go for high refresh rate monitor?

Should you go for high refresh rate monitor?
Should you go for high refresh rate monitor?

Mobile have certainly made strides and improved themselves over the years. However, one thing that still has been a constant debate amongst fanatics is if the high refresh rate displays found in some flagship phones truly justify the price or the caveats and downturns you have to make in order to have them integrated into your phone. There are a few things that you should be vary of before you make your decision to buy either a phone with a simple refresh rate of 60 Hz or go for a high refresh rate monitor display screen such as 90 Hz or even 120 Hz.

Firstly, high refresh rate screens will always consume more battery than their low refresh rate counterparts, while the screen and everything happening on it such as animations will look much smoother and fluid, it will take a told on your battery affecting your battery life severely. Moreover, if you have a high refresh rate display on a budget phone; chances are you might be skimping on resolution then or display type in general.

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Usually, budget phones instead of opting for LED or AMOLED display go for cheaper LCD variants to make up for the cost of integrating a high refresh rate screen into the mobile phone. Moreover, going for high refresh rate screens will also mean that you will have to suffer from having your processor bog you down in some cases where it will not be render frames fast enough. Another important point to note is that your videos and movies run at 24 FPS, so they wont be benefiting from the smoothness in anyway or form. The only place where you will notice a major difference is in gaming. So, if you are a gamer then you should go for high refresh rate displays by all means.

However, if you are an average user or a fan of watching movies, then you are much better off spending your money on a phone with either a better display with a normal refresh rate or just downright buying a flagship that does not have to go through these issues.