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Should you buy a Desktop PC or a Laptop?

Should you buy a Desktop PC or a Laptop?
Should you buy a Desktop PC or a Laptop?

Desktop Computers and Laptops are two similar but very different ways to use a computer. Most of the times, Laptops are preferred by individuals who value portability while Desktops are for those who value maximum performance. However, there are a lot of nuances that also must be taken into account when considering what your needs are what can be provided to you at any certain point. While it is true that both Desktops and Laptops run the same operating system, there are some other factors that you must note. you buy a Desktop PC or a Laptop.

Firstly, Desktop Computers are always more upgradeable. It is much easier for you to swap out your entire motherboard, GPU, CPU, RAM and whatever other component and replace it with something else. So, upgrading your computer down the line will not ever be difficult. However, a Laptop usually lacks upgradability and even if certain parts can be added, it is usually a big hassle and is not recommended by most individuals.

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Moreover, this adds onto the fact that laptops are generally not repairable as well. They have a lot of intricate small components and if the laptop itself is damaged there is a high chance that nothing can be done in about it at all. However, when it comes to Desktops, as each part is separated from each other, you can rest easy that your entire computer will never be damaged and there will always be out. Laptops however, offer an ease of access that is unprecedented.

You can bring your laptop anywhere and do whatever you want with it, since they run on battery you always do not need an external power source which can be extremely helpful when giving presentations or performing student work.

Desktops and Laptops both have their own p[lace in the market. However, you as the consumer should always look at the pros and cons for both systems before coming to a decision as identifying both sides of the coin will help you avoid any kind of issues later on.