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Should students take an interest in politics?

Students are known to shy away from politics and world affairs in general as they are so engulfed by their own studies. However, as the world is progressing further, more students re gaining knowledge as to how important politics and world affairs really are. Should students take an interest in politics.

With the rise of the COVId-19 pandemic, most students have finally understood that the news directly or indirectly does affect them and even if they spend their time studying, they cannot shy away from the very real effects of world events. This has brought another item into their attention, politics.

Politics are an integral part of every country’s societal structure whatever form of government it is. However, usually students are shown to not participate in more political serious issues as they busy in their studies or they simply are not aware enough to realize how that issue might affect them as well.

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This image is now being broken in the 21st century, student protestors are now seen marching all over Hong Kong against China, Indian students take rallies against their government regarding the senseless killings in Kashmir. American students have taken to the students to participate in the Black Lives Matter movement. While all of these are different causes, they have one thing in common, that students have options and have spent time critically analyzing their government and what they do and have thus formed sensible opinions regarding them.

This has led to them coming out of their homes in protest in the first place. Politicians too have started using the power of youth in their favor. Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan for example summoned the power of his youth and the educated class to win him the recent election as they were now old enough to vote. However, one must realize that the youth or students in general when it comes to politics can be easily manipulated and tricked.

While the youth is the central power for a lot of countries, one must realize that they are still kids and can thus be easily manipulated and tricked, therefore, they must be aware of what is happening in politics in order to better understand the world about them and should therefore participate heavily in politics.