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Should students participate in community service?

Should students participate in community service?
Should students participate in community service?

Community service is a vital part of a functioning society. Caring for the less fortunate and needy is pivotal to the prosperity of a society. It teaches students how to be humble, how to not look down upon people and be generally extremely helpful and useful members of the society. Nowadays, however, students have been pressured so much by educational institutions that for them participating in anything other than studies seems impossible. However, they must realize that participating in community service is important for their personality development. Should students participate in community service.

Community Service nowadays can be done in a large amount of ways. Students have made online NGO’s that collect donations and do charity drives in order to support the needy and unfortunate. Some students have made larger NGO’s which help individuals of the society in various ways. These can range from just simply distributing food to helping the mental health of the less fortunate. Another way student can participate in community service is by enrolling in a hospital, orphanage, old age home etc. This kind of community service is the most important and generally the toughest part of community service as it revolves around a lot of public dealing.

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This public dealing enhances the character of the student as it prepares them for the real world where people may not be very nice or kind. Students should participate in community service also because it adds to their credit hours in terms of extra-curriculars. Most universities and higher education institutions require community service from the students and performing these acts will impact them both personally and bene benefit them academically. Students generally tend to shy away from community service as they feel like they would be unable to help everyone present there and would rather hinder the work being performed there.

This is simply untrue as students have historically been a vital part of community service due to their youth, zeal and vigor. So, students must understand the importance of community service for themselves and society as a whole as without their help, most organizations would fail to exist without their worthy volunteer ship.