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Should parents choose a degree for their children

Should parents choose a degree for their children
Should parents choose a degree for their children

Recently it has become a trend for parents to choose their children’s degree. While this is okay in most cases when the child is unsure of what he wants to do. In most cases a child has a clear picture of what he wants to do and thus feels extremely pressured by individuals to pursue a particular degree. This is not helpful as most children should always do what they want to do due to a variety of reasons. Should parents choose a degree for their children.

Firstly, being forced by your parents puts a lot of tremendous pressure on you to excel in that given subject or otherwise you would feel like a failure or someone who has disappointed in their parents. While this is not the case, a child who is being pressured into studying something might feel that way and would thus completely avoid studying or would be scared the first time he messes up his grades which is extremely pressuring and stressful for students.

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Secondly, these children give up their hopes dreams and passions to pursue something they are not even fond of. This means that these children are going to do something they don’t even like while giving up on things they could be excellent at simply because of the choice of their parents.

Parents must realize that putting their dreams on their children is unfair as they might not share the same passions and dreams as they would have. This ultimately makes it quite hard for individuals to keep up with their line of work as they are faced with the tremendous pressure of studying something they don’t like, trying to excel at it while looking at people in their universities who are pursuing the degree they want to do.

Parents should never choose a degree for their child unless and until they are dead sure their child is making the wrong decisions which is hardly ever the case. Most degrees nowadays have proper career paths lined up for them and even if a particular one doesn’t someone with passion in that field can easily forge a new path for themselves so parents should not be as judgmental.