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Should every student learn basic programming?

Should every student learn basic programming?
Should every student learn basic programming?

Basic programming has become a pivotal part of the course load of students around the world especially those who are enrolled in STEM degrees. This is mainly due to the fact that programming is now being currently used in every field for basic and advanced functionality. Students who have an understanding of coding and programming are generally much preferred in the job market as it is quite a useful skill in any given field whether it be computer science, mechanical engineer or business. Should every student learn basic programming.

The benefits of coding and should every student learn basic programming can be answered by the fact that there is now a larger amount of jobs and job offers that require some kind of computing or developing sense. This has led to a creation of a large number of jobs that require the programming skill. It is quite valuable currently in the industry and has been used quite often in a vast number of fields.

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However, most individuals who are pursuing various fields have not learn programming as most higher educational institutions still have not understood the importance and value programming which is deeply saddening. Students should always be aware of the value of programming in every relevant degree course as without they will be unable to udo even the most basic and simple tasks. Python and C++ are the main languages that students learn when doing a basic program and they are widely learnt.

It is unfair ot downright impossible for the only programmers to be individuals who are doing IT related degrees especially when it has turned into such an integral skill. Programming is one of the most vital skills students can learn nowadays and having a basic understand of it is quite relevant in today’s world.

Students should always learn basic programming and should follow degrees and courses that allow them to do so. . Python is one of the easiest languages to understand is the most powerful ones in the world so it should always be preferred by students who wish to participate in the job industry later on as well.