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Shafqat Mahmood Announces Religion-Specific Subjects for Minority Students

Shafqat Mahmood Announces Religion-Specific Subjects for Minority Students
Shafqat Mahmood Announces Religion-Specific Subjects for Minority Students

The Federal Minister for Education and Vocational Training, Shafqat Mahmood, has reported that non-Muslim understudies will be shown their own religious philosophies in lieu of necessary Islamic Studies at instructive foundations.

He expressed this at a gathering with the British High Commissioner, Christian Turner, during a conversation on the Single National Curriculum (SNC) and different issues.

Priest Mahmood said that different strict investigations subjects for the understudies of the minority Christian, Hindu, Sikh, and Kailash people group have been set up in meeting with their strict chiefs and researchers, and that they will be educated as needs be.

He likewise said that English, Mathematics, and Science will be instructed in the English medium, and Urdu and Islamic Studies will be educated in the Urdu medium up to the 5th grade. The 5th grade schedule will likewise incorporate Social Studies, and General Knowledge in the Urdu medium, and English terms will be remembered for these subjects. The English language parts in these subjects will be expanded steadily from the 6th grade to the eighth grade.

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Also, understudies can pick an International Qualification or National Qualification of their decision after the eighth grade.

Priest Mahmood said that private distributers have been permitted to distribute books, and the areas and private instructive organizations can educate from any book. In any case, the Federal Ministry of Education has ordered that the books from private distributers ought to be reliable with the uniform educational plan, and that no hostile or scornful material ought to be remembered for the picked books.

He further said that everybody has the privilege to remark on the uniform educational program, which is the reason it was first posted on the site of the Ministry of Education. He commented that numerous onlookers had censured this prospectus without understanding it and examining its thoroughness and convenience. He said that since it is uncommon to get a full agreement in a vote based system, there will be some who will keep on censuring this high-reason move for their own reasons and interests.

Concerning uniform educational plan until the eighth grade, the pastor said that the regions and private instructive organizations have likewise been permitted to show extra materials. Moreover, the tip top non-public schools are allowed to add music and dance classes to their courses, and the madrassas are likewise at freedom to show extra materials.

While talking on the subject of the enlistment of the madrassas, Minister Mahmood said that enrollments are in progress the nation over and that 16 workplaces have been set up under the Directorate General of Religious Education — an auxiliary of the Ministry of Education — thus far, 2,000 madrassas have been enlisted. He added that some madrassas had requested the arrangement of new instruction sheets, and five new sheets have likewise been shaped as needs be.

The clergyman clarified that the capacity of the madrassas is to confer schooling, yet their undertakings had recently been overseen by the Ministry of Home Affairs. He expressed that they have been brought under the Federal Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, and that while the use of a uniform educational plan for madrassa understudies has made the way for the best professions alternatives for them, it will be guaranteed that no provocative or contemptuous writing is instructed in any madrassa, and that no political pioneer will utilize madrassa understudies for their political purposes. Reuters