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Schools should not close

Schools should not close
Schools should not close

Government should not close the school because we have done our best to get our children back safe to schools. We are following the (SOP) better then any other sector the children our bright future and Institutes are the builder of this future but if the Institutes closed as few months back then it will cause a big loss ,it’s not the time for this. The distinguish guests Mian Imran Masood, President, Pakistan Education Council, Mian Raza, President, Serving Schools Alliance, Qazi Naeem Anjum, Chairperson, Serving Schools Alliance. Schools should not close.

Javed Tamra General Secretary Serving Schools Alliance and  Ikram Khan, Chairman, Serving Schools Association held a press conference in which they briefed the press and guests of this meeting about what is the point of immediately imposing education emergency in the country, re-closure of educational institutions is not acceptable in any case, he said while addressing the press. The importance of education should be realized in view of the fact that educational institutions have opened in many affected countries.

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 Schools have also been kept open in 119  countries such as England and the United States, and UNO, UNICEF and international organizations have agreed that schools should be kept open. He said that due to the first spell of COVID 19, schools have already been closed for several months due to which the children are facing an educational crisis. Minds will weaken and an important academic year will be out of their lives.

As our federal and provincial education ministers have acknowledged that all (SOP) are being implemented in private schools, schools should not be closed,” he said. Education will also become more expensive and the burden on both parents and the school will increase. In this difficult time, schools can continue the mission of higher education