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Robotics courses learn to introduce STEM in your classroom

Robotics courses learn to introduce STEM in your classroom
Robotics courses learn to introduce STEM in your classroom

Many educational centers have long been committed to including robotics courses programming and computational thinking in their classrooms. In some cases, they are integrated into the programming of curricular subjects such as science or technology and, in other cases, it has been chosen to incorporate specific subjects. Be that as it may, what is certain is that teachers need specific training in the subject.

Teacher training

When teaching this type of subject it is necessary to have adequate knowledge and be clear about the benefits that can be obtained from them. To achieve this, A program of training courses prepared by pedagogues, professors and teachers who are experts in these matters.

Robotics in Children

In the early educational levels, programming and robotics help students develop creativity, motor skills, think logically, or reinforce self-esteem and cooperative work. It is also a good option to work on critical thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit. But, to introduce it in the classroom, the teacher must know what methodology to follow and what activities to carry out with the students.

With the course ‘Practical Robotics for Children: The teacher will learn everything necessary to work these subjects in Early Childhood Education through different educational robots such as the ‘Bee-Bot’ bee or Lego kits. In addition, you will learn to introduce programming with Professional.

Robotics, Programming and 3D Printing

In Primary and Secondary, the basic concepts of programming are joined by the teaching of deeper aspects of robotics and 3D printing. With the course ‘Didactics of Programming, Educational Robotics and 3D printing’, teachers will acquire the skills to teach how to create and program with robotics kits, as well as design and print in 3D.

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Development of Computational Thinking

Do you want to get closer to the world of programming and robotics in a practical way? In this course teachers will see how computational thinking can be developed by introducing programming to their classes in a fun way. They will know the programming tools: the educational possibilities of modular robotics through the Neuron and they will connect with the physical world through the Makeblock mBot robot that is based on Arduino Uno and is applicable to Primary and Secondary Education.

Robotics kit included with registration

With the registration to one of the courses on Robotics and Educational Programming, a robotics kit is included that the student can use from the first day and whose content they can choose: a Beebot, Coding Express, WeDo 2.0, mBot, 3D printer…

All courses are taught online, have a duration of 1 month and a half (110 hours) and allow you to download the material in PDF format. Regarding its methodology, it should be noted that the activities to be developed are of a very practical nature and a follow-up is carried out in which the tutor is a catalyst for teacher training, promoting active learning and providing useful complementary material for teaching. A diploma is granted that accredits teacher training and is creditable for workers of the general education sector .