Riphah Provides The Opportunity To Earn An Education

Riphah International University is one of those universities offering scholarships in Pakistan. They have eight various scholarship programs .

Riphah International University has given scholarships worth Rs. 244.9 million to 6,147 in 2020-21. Scholarships are an opportunity for those students that find it difficult to fund their education. Along with this it also provides tranquility thus making students focus on their education without any stress. It is said that 7% of students are likely to get a scholarship and from them, only 1.5% can get a full scholarship.

Riphah International University is considered as one of the top universities in Islamabad that has developed high-quality educational institutions in a variety of fields like Sciences, Engineering, technology, Medicine, Management, Information technology, and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Riphah International University is one of those universities offering scholarships in Pakistan. They have eight various scholarship programs with different eligibility criteria. Their most given out scholarships are Mawakhat Assistantship (Need-based assistance) and the Talent scholarship.

The Mawakhat Assistantship is provided on a need and merit basis for students who have passed at least one university exam of Riphah International University. For eligibility of this scholarship, student needs to prove their hardship to the competent authorities. This assistantship is provided on semester fees. It is conditioned for students to maintain a GPA of 3.20 in each university exam. The student who is awarded this scholarship has to complete one hour of social work as per the schedule of the job assigned by the competent authority in the vicinity of Riphah International University or its sponsor IIMCT.

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The Talent scholarship is a skill-based scholarship where students from 70% to 80% and above are eligible. Students from 70-75% can get a 25% tuition fee off, 75-79% can get a 50% tuition fee off while 80 and above are entitled to a 100% off on tuition fee. Bachelors, MS, and M.Phil degree programs of Computer Sciences (FC), System Engineering(RISE), Public Policy(RIPP), Social Sciences(DSS), Basic Sciences(DBS), Management Sciences(FMS), Engineering(FEAS), and Media Sciences(RIMS) at Rawalpindi/Islamabad campuses of Riphah International University. It is conditioned for students to maintain a GPA between 3.85 to 4.00 to avail the same percentage of scholarships awarded in the first semester. Talent scholarship will be reduced by 25% if the GPA is between 3.75 to 3.84. The scholarship can be revoked for the respective semester/term if the GPA is below 3.75.

The general eligibility criteria for any Riphah International University scholarship is that students of institutions affiliated to Riphah International University are not eligible for any scholarship/assistance ships. There should be no dues outstanding against the respective student who is applying. Each Riphah student is eligible for the award of scholarship in one scheme. The scholarship is not applicable if a course or semester is being repeated by the student. Students of the first term & students admitted on special or reserved seats are not eligible for assistantship under the œMawakhat'' scheme. Once the FA Committee has given any decision it cannot be reviewed or reconsidered in that particular semester/term. University has the discretion to revise its rules and regulations as deemed necessary by the authorities from time to time.

A scholarship is a support given for students' education, it is awarded based on academic or other achievements. It is financial support awarded to a student so they can achieve success and cannot be deprived of education due to financial issues. Such initiatives should be taken by higher authorities along with universities to increase the literacy rate in Pakistan. No child should be deprived of education because of financial problems.