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Reusable Rockets Have Now Entered the Mainstream

Reusable Rockets Have Now Entered the Mainstream
Reusable Rockets Have Now Entered the Mainstream

Reusable rockets have now finally turned mainstream in 2020. As the year has progressed, Space X launch customers have gotten much more comfortable with flying on used flight proven rockets. A commercial customer Sirius launched its own satellite on the Falcon 9 rocket as well. Another customer also launched its own payload. The US government launched their own payload on a reused booster on the fifth flight of a falcon 9 rocket. NASA now has agreed to flying future missions with a crew to the ISS on Falcon 9 rockets. GPS III satellites will also be sent on these rockets.

These missions mentioned above are currently one of the highest rated missions the US can charter. Rocket Lab another private space company in the US has started developing rocket reuse technologies as well. The company itself has experimented with this technique throughout 2020 and has tried to find ways to protect the return of its Electron first stage rocket during reentry into the Earth’s atmosphere.

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It has then recovered an Electron stage in November. NASA is credited to be the first organization that has thought of reusable rockets in terms of space travel. People who have been in the space industry for quite a while have been looking forward to this momentous occasion as it signals a tipping point.

The economics towards launching a rocket itself will be quashed with the cost going down significantly. Most people will have some reusable elements. Everyone is thinking about including the Europeans, Chinese and Russians will be launching reusable rockets in the future. The Falcon 9 has been successfully landed in December 2015. Since then, the company itself has also returned about 70 rockets and has also flown a booster about 50 times.

Space X’s Main Competitor called the United Launch Alliance has flown a few rockets that are reusable but have not reached the same level of perfection that Space X led by Elon Musk has over the years. However, this competition is extremely beneficial for the greater good of the space industry.