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Return of Smog to Pakistan

Return of Smog to Pakistan
Return of Smog to Pakistan

Pakistan has recently been reported to have been suffering from lower air quality than usual. This time is usually considered as smog season in Pakistan as crops are being burnt around Punjab region in both India and Pakistan. Crop burning has resulted in the largest exodus of harmful and toxic gases in Pakistan. This has led to a large amount of smog being developed into the air with hazardous and poisonous gases being mixed into the environment. Return of Smog to Pakistan.

Smog in Pakistan is generally extremely dangerous for the environment and for human health. It has a lot of poisonous gases which lead to a cluster of medical issues that are yet to be identified by medical health experts. These issues, however, include lung cancer, heart disease, asthma and many others. People must go through the discomfort of wearing an anti-pollutant mask everywhere and most cannot go out of their houses without feeling sick.

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People feel a burning sensation in their eyes due to the harmful gases and there is a general lack in the health of people who must go through these conditions. The air quality index is used to determine the general quality of air in a particular region. The quality of air is healthy if it is anything less than 100. However, in the latest reports, Pakistan is shown to have an AQI of higher than 200-300 in some extreme cases which has led to major health and environmental concerns amongst the public.

Sadly however, the government has not taken any action since last year to reduce this issue but keeps blaming the Indian government for their supervision even though Pakistan itself pollutes the air as much as its neighbor country India does.

Smog in Pakistan seems to be an issue that mainly affected the Punjab region. In the worst cases, it has led to the complete shutdown of business and educational institutions which has been extremely harmful to the economy every year. It will be more detrimental this year as the pandemic has already left most businesses in ruins and they cannot afford another break.