Relaxation techniques for the body and exhausted mind

mind and spirit results in inner strength and protects our health. Therefore, working with various relaxation techniques is invaluable to us.

Relaxation techniques for the body and exhausted mind
Relaxation techniques for the body and exhausted mind

Living life fully means experiencing a whole range of emotions. From excitement, joy, satisfaction, to severe pain provoked by difficult situations or chronic stress. The human body has a natural ability to self-regulate and returns to balance with the help of developed mechanisms. However, in the case of long-term stress and strong overload, this balance is disturbed and the natural regeneration capacity disappears. This means that we become prone to trauma or disorders. Holistic work with the body, mind and spirit results in inner strength and protects our health. Therefore, working with various relaxation techniques is invaluable to us.

Everyday challenges

A person's life path depends on three factors: how he copes with challenges, how he protects weak spots and how he increases his resources. These factors are related to three things: the world around a person, his body and his mind.

Taking into account all these spaces, let's look for tools that we will use in situations of weak mental condition. That is, when the moment of exhaustion comes, and everyday life overwhelms us. There are times when we do not live fully, do not experience - but only focus on survival. Long-term stressful stimuli

Eat up our internal resources, overloading the nervous system and triggering alarm mode. Our performance decreases, and our cognitive processes are also weakened. Today more than ever, we need to take care of these energy reserves, and a calm willingness to accept the ever-changing changes simply makes our lives easier.

Every emotion and stress is stored in the body. They can cause tension and often pain. Most illnesses are emotional. Stress, anxiety and chronic anxiety provoke the body to adopt a certain defensive articalure. The stiffening of the body is primarily the result of a stressed mind. Alexander Lowen, the world-famous psychiatrist, creator of bioenergy analysis, deals with the schemes of suspension of emotions in the body. He also says that the human body carries a history of experiences and unworked emotions.

Stress (strong stimuli) - body tension - pain / illness (somatics)

By working with the mind and emotions, we reduce stress, let go of tension and relax the body. The availability of relaxation tools and techniques is huge. Starting from a smile to a long therapy process. Relaxation techniques have a lot to offer in terms of reintegrating body and mind. That is why it is worth discovering your way to release blockages and reawaken the joy of life.

Relaxation techniques - turn on a respite

KEEP SILENT!!! Sometimes 10 minutes is enough to reset the nervous system. Find a place where you can catch yourself. Turn your attention inward and be silent and still. Turn off the phone, communicators, and other distractions. Experience this silence and let your thoughts flow freely. Without judgment, criticism, excessive attention ... This is your moment to take a distance and feel in control of your own emotions. This is the first time I try to get in touch with myself. In the silence you will find answers to your doubts. This is an underrated source of power.

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Each act of creativity should be preceded by a moment of silence. Practice shows that in silence one can often experience the emergence of completely new ideas and thoughts that then take their final form in our minds.

BREATH - the source of life and purification. An energy injection available anytime and anywhere. It is also an impulse to subtly move the contents blocked in the body. For the breath to be beneficial, it must be deep, diaphragmatic, and taken without haste. We observe what is happening in the body. We breathe hard enough to activate the vagus nerve, which is the fastest stress reducer. This will lower the cortisol level in the body, making it easier for us to act rationally.

Straighten your back, lengthen the spine as much as possible, mobilize the body by a little tension. Place your hands on your waist, feel your lower ribs, and direct the air towards your palms. Consciously lengthen the exhale and feel your chest and ribs gently widen. Prolonged exhalation stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, generating relaxation in the body. There should be relief and letting go with each breath.

How to catch a second breath? The answer is mindfulness

Mindfulness is experiencing yourself here and now. We can live at a crazy pace and do everything with mindfulness: see, hear, appreciate every moment. In other words, it is about switching from "was" and "will" to "is" and experiencing the present fully. Watch your reactions and daily activities. Your energy will follow.

OBJECTIVE LOG - a perfect tool for working with crowds of thoughts. Just write. Reveal thoughts without specific goals. There is a creative energy within us that can be stimulated by writing. The written words are a form of purification and will bring about change. Writing causes a slowdown, which is especially valuable because if the mind is too active, it is as if it was not there at all.

Set aside 15 minutes every morning or evening to put your thoughts, impressions and fears on paper. The effect will appear quickly in the form of a full understanding of your needs or greater self-control. A diary is a very good basis for the development of our potential.

MEDITATION - effectively silences the constant activity of the mind, allows you to catch your breath and fill yourself with value. You can meditate through prayer, affirmation, music, movement, dance, contact with art or nature. Use everything that serves you and is a source of energy for your energy. In the past, people used to meditate looking into the fire, making pots, while walking. Today little has changed. Your meditation can be morning coffee, home spa, food preparation. Look for your own relief and a source of power. Meditation gives a sense of protection and rises above material existence. It is a moment of detachment from everyday worries, but also a moment of insight into oneself.

Free your thoughts and senses

MENTAL DETOX is a return to the roots. We live in a culture of constant technological stimulation. To catch a sense of inner balance, cut off the power supplies. For one day, give up telephone, television or the Internet. You will see how much anxiety and pressure comes from there. How much energy do we spend unnoticed, for example on browsing social media and observing other people's lives. Manage your own energy wisely. Log out for a moment - the world will wait for you.

SPACE OF RELAXATION - create a place for yourself where you will feel absolutely safe and comfortable. Pamper your senses. Light the candles, spray your favorite scents, organize the space, turn on relaxing music. In working with the body, we affect all the senses. Pay attention when you tense up. Consciously relax your jaw, face, shoulders, stomach, and finally your whole body. Take a bath, read a good book or watch a movie. Do more of what gives you joy. If you can, play instruments or just sing.

Learn to think differently

AFIRMATION / VISUALIZATION - Words have power and their energy does not go out even when they are silent. You can develop positive affirmations for any area of ‹‹life. Practice and repetition make them an important tool for working with negative thinking. Their power raises vibrations and permanently changes our approach. Choose wise words that will build your self-esteem.

PRACTICE OF GRATITUDE - Catch the moments that make you smile. Go back to the simplicity hidden in the little joys of everyday life: hugs, screaming children, the taste of soup. Let go of anger and anger. The energy of war always leaves a scar - it destroys, takes victims in the form of exhaustion. Let go of excessive perfectionism and all duties that block your spontaneity.

Look for strong people to help you take the first step. And the rest is in your hands. Gratitude thrives in an atmosphere of security and self-acceptance.

Take care of your body

FEED ON NATURE - THERE IS ALL THE MAGIC OF THE UNIVERSE. We take from the world only what stimulates us and allows us to strengthen. When you appreciate the positive aspects of life and feel grateful, you may feel a physical change in your body. The body breathes and energy flows with the breath. Thanks to the neuroplasticity of the brain, we are ready for another good experience. It works like a magnet.

MOVEMENT - is a natural form of self-expression. An effective source of releasing tension and triggering emotions. Each form of activity develops our resources of psychophysical resistance. Movement shapes the body and mind strength. It stimulates endorphins and power from within. Training that allows you to experience breathing and release is good training. Choose the activity space that suits you best. It could be walking, swimming, fitness, yoga, extreme sports. If you need fire energy, think about where to get it from. Being active should be a source of joy and inspiration.