œRaat ka 11 Baje Mera Phone Baje œ Telenor should produce good material for advertisements

œRaat ka 11 Baje Mera Phone Baje œ Telenor should produce good material for advertisements
Raat ka 11 Baje Mera Phone Baje Telenor should produce good material for advertisements to get?

Recently, Telenor has launched an advertisement in this ad, a particular call package is being discussed which shown through the world of dance only steps, moves, shakes and high music is seen in the Main package of this Ad in stead of Telenor package which is not thoroughly explained . They are giving this song a name of wedding song of the year not the best package of the month or year. This is not good turn for the Pakistani market and leads a very negative impression on young generation in several different ways. Telenor should produce good material for advertisements to approach customers.

Firstly, children whop views this ad would assume that it is a normal part of our culture of individuals to dance in such ways and for men and women to interact with each other in such a light-hearted manner. This leads to a generation of kids who think it is okay for groups of men and women to dance together. Moreover, it leads to immorality within the youth of Pakistan.

Secondly, the ad paints a negative impression of Pakistan .The cultural values of Pakistan are not translated at all through this advertisement but rather a different more Western light is being painted which is simply unacceptable as it goes away from our culture quite a bit. Pakistan which practice modesty and a humble nature.

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Lastly, a lot of useless and extra money is spent I n these ads which can be spent elsewhere for much better results.  Back in 2012  PTA banned all late night packages which were just driving the youth to the wrong way and these packages were the main income of telecom companies.

Telenor is no more a successful brand in Pakistan and they used  such cheap advertising tactic this will only lead to their downfall as more and more people rise up and go against the ethics shown by the particular brand and perform a boycott of it.

Currently, Telenor is under heavy fire from the community regarding the meaning of this particular ad. Most agree that the service and product they are trying to advertise can be done without the use of dance and such erratic flaunting of wealth. It needs to a negative impression within our youth .

Telenor has become a company that is under severe depreciation in the recent years. This is mainly due to the fact that the company has not moved with the recent trends. They have not introduced proper cellular coverage or network coverage and most networks have overtaken them in a lot of different ways. Moreover, their overall public and brand image by publishing such kind of advertisement and airing such immoral advertisements have led it go down to an all-time-low as well. It is unclear whether Telenor wished to advertise their call package or advertise a film. This has led to server questioning by the public.

Telenor has also been criticized for their recent advertisement in terms of values taught to their youth. In this particular advertisement, the youth are encouraged and told to call each other in the middle of the night promoting culturally inappropriate values within our generation in itself. Telenor as a company has failed to prove that it follows the cultural norms of Pakistan and it is thus quite a natural reaction for their brand image to go down significantly. Network companies have always been a topic of criticism due to their immoral advertisement however, a company like Telenor should have understood the moral ethical and financial implications of going for an advertisement that promoted immorality in particular in terms of dancing around.

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority should spring into action in terms of immoral ads that go against the cultural norms of our country. Moreover, the public should not encourage such kinds of advertisements to be aired in Pakistan as they damage our youth™s minds by quite a fair margin.