Professions of the future - what can my child do?

will be active in it? Which professions will disappear or be replaced by robots, and which industries will expand. Professions of the future.

Professions of the future - what can my child do?
Professions of the future - what can my child do?

We spend around 80,000 hours of our lives on work. So it is its important element. So what will the labor market look like in 20-30 years, when our children will be active in it? Which professions will disappear or be replaced by robots, and which industries will expand. Professions of the future.

In studies and reports on the labor market, we can find data on professions that will disappear from the map of the world of work and those in which in 20-30 years

Current primary school students will work. The opinion that today's students will work in professions that do not yet exist is often repeated. Meanwhile, when talking about the professions of the future, it is worth knowing that now the word "profession" is more and more often replaced with a set of various competences needed to perform it. It is also becoming more and more difficult for labor market specialists to call these multi-competent jobs.

What is changing on the labor market?

1- Competency sets - in the near future, the most important and most frequently mentioned skills for employers will be in the field of exact sciences, as well as:

  • The ability to actively learn and share knowledge,
  • Ability to work in a group, but also in a diverse team,
  • Creativity,
  • Critical thinking, but also positive thinking,
  • Negotiation Skills,
  • Receiving and providing constructive feedback,
  • The ability to admit mistakes,
  • Motivating and inspiring others,
  • Working out compromises. These listed skills are only examples of soft skills. More and more people talk and write about their connection with the need to understand technology that has never penetrated into so many areas of life before.

2- Technological progress - the increase in computing power of computers, the development of Big Data areas and automation result in changes to entire enterprises. Already today, with such widespread access to the Internet and remote work, employee mobility is not a problem. Of course, the development of technology also forces solutions related to digital security, and these are also new jobs.

3- Values ‹‹important for the employee - currently work is no longer only a source of income. Increasingly, we want it to be also a source of satisfaction, achievement of ambitious goals, a source of energy and knowledge.

4- Forms of work - apart from employment and commission contracts, we have more and more alternative forms of employment, such as freelancer or own business. It is believed that we will no longer spend 8 or 10 hours at work, we will just perform certain tasks. So we will be rewarded for the task completed, not the time needed to complete it...

Of course, changes are usually a concern. We may be concerned that the profession chosen by our child will exist in 10-20 years. Unfortunately, the truth is that more and more people (current primary school students too) will have to deal with the fact that in their lives they will change not only their workplace, but also their profession several times. Hence the competence of lifelong learning, but also readiness for learning and development, adaptation to new conditions and flexibility are so important today in the development of a young person.

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Instead of talking about professions of the future, it is worth focusing on industries that will develop strongly.

Future-oriented professional industries:

  • IT and telecommunications
  • Health service and protection
  • Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Biotechnology and microbiology
  • Ecology and environmental protection
  • Transport, logistics and shipping
  • Electronic commerce - e-commerce
  • Hybrid industry at the interface between IT and finance
  • Law and legal telepaths

Due to the aging society, which will need medical support, but also due to the growing awareness of taking care of one's health and well-being, there will be plenty of work for:

  • Beauticians
  • Nutritionists
  • Personal and personal trainers
  • Nurses
  • Physiotherapists

What changes our future, and hence the future of the labor market, are new technologies related to artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is some way of solving complex problems by creating models of intelligent behavior. Until recently, it was thought that artificial intelligence could only perform simple, routine, repetitive tasks. But we already know that this is not the case. There are estimates that up to 47% of the current jobs will be changed thanks to artificial intelligence. The most important will be professions in which a human will be able to cooperate with a machine, e.g. in the diagnosis of diseases. Currently, the percentage of biopsy errors in detecting breast cancer for a pathologist is 3.5%, for artificial intelligence as much as 7.5%, but with human-computer cooperation it is only 0.5%.

New professions on the labor market that combine several areas of knowledge

Space farmer - (space farmer) - cultivates plants on various planets, space stations and other extraterrestrial objects. He must be well versed in growing plants that can grow in conditions other than Earth's gravity. This profession combines such fields as: horticulture, biotechnology, microbiology, chemistry, IT, soil science, economics and organization of horticultural production.

HR Business Partner - together with other managers participates in the company's development. He advises the management board on ideas for effective management of a team of employees, communication with contractors, and increasing the company's profits. He combines knowledge of managing people in the organization, economics, IT, work ergonomics, and legal regulations. Health and safety, environmental protection.

Antidindicator - helps people who have trouble paying off their debts to communicate with the bank, creditors or debt collection companies. Negotiates on behalf of the client. It helps to restructure debts. He combines knowledge about society, history, law, labor law, economics, finance, and psychology.

Medical advisor - has complete medical knowledge about medicines produced by a pharmaceutical company. It presents medical data, clinical trials, and shows the effectiveness of preparations and manufactured drugs. He combines knowledge in biology, chemistry, mathematics, medicine, biotechnology and pharmacy.

Professionals who try to predict the future of the labor market unanimously emphasize that the world of work will appreciate those people who will be able to change the industry - learn, but also take advantage of opportunities. The current reality is changing rapidly, so no job can guarantee employment from graduation until retirement. The future will belong to those who, apart from mastering a specific field of knowledge, will have broadly developed competences of the future and will not be afraid of new technologies.