Problems with your partner?

towards the other person are questioned. But does that mean you don't love your partner? The answer is no. Problems with your partner.

Problems with your partner?
Problems with your partner?

Don't you feel the same chemistry from the beginning? The passage of the years and the routine can cause a relationship to deteriorate and the feelings towards the other person are questioned. But does that mean you don't love your partner? The answer is no. Problems with your partner.

Couples therapy: A solution to the wear and tear of a relationship?

Is separation the solution to your problems? Or maybe it is better to reinforce your love on the ˜Island of Temptations™? It could be, of course, but ... another more feasible alternative is to do couples therapy. That is, it may be time to ask someone outside and professional for an opinion on the matter.

Yes indeed! This is a matter of two, if one of the people is not convinced, it will not work.

Benefits of couples therapy

Couples therapy has many benefits in a relationship, these always lead to the same goal: to improve the mental health and quality of life of the family we have chosen.

Also, the benefits that can be achieved are:

Trust and Empathy. Putting yourself in the other person's shoes can help you understand how your partner feels. It seems silly, right? Well, most relationships fail to solve their conflicts due to selfishness and lack of understanding. Understanding this point will improve trust in your relationship.

Conflict resolution. After all, couples therapy can help find a solution to the problem. Can it be good? Yes, but it can also be bad. The outcome will have to do with the desire, motives and problems that the parties may have.

Personal growth. There are many types of relationships, although there is no "meter" of how good or toxic it is. Therefore, empathy and acceptance make us improve as people. And it is that, without realizing it, you could improve your mental health and self-esteem.

Disposition of objectives. A couples therapy involves setting a series of objectives to achieve goals. In this way you can see the advance or retreat as a couple.

Therapies for couples exercises

The fact of carrying out a couples therapy implies the presence of a professional or someone specialized in the field who can treat the subject. Despite this, there are exercises that can help strengthen a relationship without going to a psychologist.

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Emotional caresses. Living as a couple could have better health with the support of the other person. That is, there are not only physical caresses, emotional support and the feeling of gratitude is a very important factor that allows us to achieve personal growth and greater security in the other part of the couple.

Hugs. There is not only a social distance, distance is also perceived internally. Hugs and affection communicate affection and strengthen the bond with your partner. Therefore, it is necessary to promote the encounter and the approach.

 Common leisure plans. We cannot live off the plans of the past. Many years have passed and what? Trying to create new memories in common can revive the flame of the couple. It does not matter whether this leisure is outside or at home, the important thing is that both of you like it and allow you to spend time together.

 Agreements based on the common good. There will always be differences in a couple, therefore, you have to find a solution that represents a mutual benefit for both of you. Reaching an agreement can be fun with brainstorming as a team.


Bad streaks, confusion and routine are some of the most common problems in a couple. Separating is an option, but there are many alternatives that can make a relationship stronger or backward. Hence the importance of knowing the importance of therapies for couples and the benefits that can be achieved