Planner - why is it worth having one?

A planner is a great way to organize your life and time. It allows not only to record important events, but also to monitor issues

Planner - why is it worth having one?
Planner - why is it worth having one?

A planner is a great way to organize your life and time. It allows not only to record important events, but also to monitor issues that are important to us, e.g. eating habits or physical activity. Which planner for a student and which one for a photographer? How to run a planner? You will find the answers to these and other questions in our artical.

What is a planner?

The planner is an inconspicuous notebook that allows you to effectively organize your time. It combines the features of a calendar, organizer and notebook. Its layout allows you not only to plan tasks for each day, week or month, but also to make lists or create notes. There are planners on the market dedicated to students, pupils, athletes, businessmen, mothers and brides. They allow you to monitor your goals, finances, vacations, physical activity, meals, dreams, progress, habits, and more. The form of a classic notebook or a notebook allows you to systematize everything important and easy access to what is in it.

Of course, you do not need to stick to the rigid framework imposed on us by the creators of the planners. An option for individualists is to buy an ordinary notebook and plan its interior on your own. Check out our artical on how to make a bullet journal and go beyond the scheme!

Calendar or planner - what to choose?

At the beginning, it is worth noting that the planner and the calendar are two completely different time organization systems. Contrary to the calendar, the is not limited by dates - in most of the available models, we enter them ourselves. Thanks to this, one notebook can accompany us for many years. It is an excellent option for people who value minimalism and care for the natural environment. The  also allows you to monitor those issues that are important in our life - budget, health, habits, meals, as well as taking loose notes. There is usually no place for this in calendars.

If you want to manage all your time and life, and also need a lot of space for private notes, choose a planner. In case you only save times for meetings and other important events, consider purchasing a calendar.

How to run a planner?

Many people wonder how to run a planner. It all depends on our lifestyle and the number of tasks we have to complete each day. There are several types of  - daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

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Daily planner

The daily planner will work for those people who need a lot of space to plan their daily duties, e.g. in the form of to-do lists. A card designed for the whole day can also serve as a space for notes, ideas, quotes or important information.

Weekly planner

The weekly allows you to efficiently plan the entire week. It will be especially appreciated by school children and teenagers. It is worth choosing a in the form of a spread - thanks to this, we can see the entire week on one page. This is a very good solution for people who do not need the entire page to write out in one day. How to keep a weekly planner? The easiest way is to take 10-15 minutes on a Sunday evening and think about the tasks ahead of us in the days to come. Later, you only need to assign them to the next headings.

Monthly planner

The monthly planner allows you to look at the tasks to be done in the perspective of the entire month. It is a perfect solution for people who have many responsibilities and want to keep them under control - office workers, students or mothers. What's more, the planner for a specific month is enough to be printed and kept on the desk or attached to a cork board. You can find a printable monthly planner on many sites absolutely free. A great and ecological solution can also be the purchase of a monthly planner in the form of a dry-wipe board. Certainly it will be enough for many years of use!

Annual planner

The annual planner allows you to plan the entire year ahead. It is a perfect solution for people dealing with special events such as weddings, birthdays, communions or baptisms. Therefore, it will be appreciated by make-up artists, hairdressers, stylists, photographers, musicians, business leaders, owners of wedding houses, hotels, restaurants and catering companies.