Physical education everywhere: 4 ways of integration with other disciplines

It is rumored that physical education as a discipline is not very serious and not mandatory at all. Often teachers take students

Physical education everywhere: 4 ways of integration with other disciplines
Physical education everywhere: 4 ways of integration with other disciplines

It is rumored that physical education as a discipline is not very serious and not mandatory at all. Often teachers take students away from physical education classes for something "more important", neglect physical education moments and completely forget about their importance...

Let's dispel stereotypes together, because physical education is one of the most important subjects! Exercise improves the mental activity of students, and also has a positive effect on mood and health.

Therefore, it is necessary not only to increase the level of knowledge of educators about the benefits of physical activity, but also to integrate physical education with other subjects! Use our tips for integrated lessons to take your lessons to the next level!

Conducting lessons in the gym

The easiest way to integrate physical education with other subjects is to conduct any lesson in the gym. So children will have enough space to exercise. And how many new impressions! In addition, changing the location of the lesson has a positive effect on children's motivation and increases their attention.

Exercises to memorize new material can also be arranged in the gym or on the outdoor sports ground.

Here are some mnemonics related to the new location of the lesson:

  1. Studies show that walking backwards and forwards helps you to better reproduce the information you need to remember. Mark the start line and ask students to stand next to it. Now ask questions based on the material learned, and the children should answer and take a step back at the same time. Then ask them to go backwards (just be careful!) And repeat the most difficult rules. And you will be surprised!
  2. Regular exercise has been shown to improve memory. And what about one-time physical activity before independent work? Experts say that simple exercise also speeds up the process of memorization. So arrange a workout just before the test and analyze the results!
  3. Apply the method of Cicero! Yes, the new integrated lesson room will help students memorize the topic faster.

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  • First, select the most important from what you have learned. For example, you need to remember the term: "Electricity - the flow of electrons."
  • Next, students should place the objects around them in the gym in a certain order: starting at the entrance and clockwise (such as a gymnastic horse, a soccer ball, a skipping rope, etc.).
  • Next, ask the children to relate the existing objects to the information they need to remember. For example, "electricity" is a gymnastic horse, "stream" is a soccer ball, and "electrons" is a skipping rope.
  • Then you need to walk through the gym, examining the selected subjects, and repeat the term being studied. It's very simple and at the same time extremely effective!

Thematic names of teams, exercises or subjects

Physical education lessons often include a variety of competitions, so do not forget about them when preparing an integrated lesson! For example, when choosing the name of their team, students should be guided not just by their preferences, but use terms and concepts from the subject that is integrated. For example, teams can be named as continents or take the names of prominent physicists.

Similarly, exercise, regulations, and competitive games can be called a historical event, a battle, or a chemical reaction. And the usual volleyball net can become an obstacle on the way to victory in war. It all depends on your imagination!

All things have their history, and subjects in physical education classes are no exception! Yes, the skipping rope comes from China, and this information is a great opportunity to explore the history of this country. The country that invented the ball is still under discussion. Lots of options: China, Ancient Egypt or Greece, Ancient Rome, Britain and even the Inca Empire! Here's another idea for an integrated lesson: a reasoned discussion about the origin of a regular ball.

Admission to the exercise

This is the easiest way to integrate physical education with any discipline! Before starting work on a task (math problem, paragraph, etc.), students must perform the exercise correctly. For example, two jumps, one push-up, and so on. To increase the motivation of children, divide them into two groups and choose several judges (arbitrators, referees, etc.). Inform teams about the prize in advance, for example, an excellent grade. And all - the competition has begun! Name one or more exercises that team members should perform. And the judges - to check the correctness of execution!

Sports lesson theme vector

Every topic has a sports vector; you just need to find it! Teachers of natural sciences are the luckiest: the study of the structure of the heart and gravity can be easily demonstrated simply in a physical education class.

And what about the subjects of the social and humanitarian cycle? By studying historical battles and wars, children can be encouraged to perform exercises for military training. This will show students how the soldiers prepared for combat and simply maintained good physical shape.