Pakistan's Senior investigative journalist Arshad Sharif was shot by police due to mistaken identity, Kenya

What has been trending not only here in Pakistan but as well as in Kenya and other countries after the killing of a Pakistani Arshad Sharif

Pakistan's Senior investigative journalist Arshad Sharif was shot by police due to mistaken identity, Kenya
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What has trending not only here in Pakistan but as well as in Kenya and other countries after the killing of a Pakistani journalist in Kenya by the ninth bullet was fired from The Guns of officers Manning a roadblock in magadi on Sunday Arshad Sharif's life had come to an end Sharif who was a beloved investigative journalist from Pakistan who highlighted the dubious and corrupt dealings of the powerful and influential leaves behind five children and a wife Pakistani citizens and Kenyans at large have demanded answers from authorities over the killing of Arshad they questioned.

The police's earlier allegations that this was a case of mistaken identity it is also reports  on the findings from, Arshad Sharif's artical-mortem examination a story that has not only local attention but International attention because of all that are involved and what this would mean diplomatically Arshad Sharif was making great strides in his career as an investigative journalist in Pakistan until his death a job that put him on the unfavorable list of those with great power and influence a trip to Kenya was exactly what he needed to unwind and he entered the country on a tourist visa.

Arshad Sharif™s final Journey Came Calling on Sunday as he was driving from Magadi according to preliminary reports police were looking for a stolen motor vehicle with a registration number KDG 700 GSU officers claimed that they set up a roadblock along the Quenya Kamukuru road and intercepted a vehicle with the registration number KDG 200m carrying Sharif and another occupant Khurram Ahmed the brother of the person hosting Sharif in Kenya they claimed they mistook this vehicle for the stolen one and well they dropped through the prompted the geocious attract because.

It was so clear that these guys saw the officers and they were in uniforms but they decided to bypass that the GSU also has to react and that's how one of the occupants of the that particular vehicle was fatally injured the articalmortem on Arshad Sharif™s body which began at 9am Monday at chiromo Mortuary revealed that Sharif died of a bullet wound to the head he also had a bullet wound in his shoulder khuram Ahmed the other passenger in the car escaped unharmed this is a special case because he is a very famous and very senior journalist very well known in Pakistan .

Pakistan government have requested the government of Kenya to do intensive investigation and to find out the reason behind it and obviously punish the culprits as well the car Sharif was in was shot at nine times with two of the bullets striking him many questions have raised about the protocol used by the officers in attempting to stop the vehicle the police have also not specified the make of the car they were looking for or whether it matched sheriffs DCI from pangani were trying to see they could go they could Corner this vehicle through training using the number of the boy that was believed to build that car unfortunately their car has down there these guys were coming from a range where they had gone

to meet their their colleagues from Pakistan Sharif had facing political persecution over his journalistic pieces which highlighted corruption by the powerful and Elite in Pakistan in fact while he was in Kenya Sharif is reported to have part of an investigative piece touching on corruption in Pakistan.

I think lets leave it at that the Pakistan High Commissioner however denies that Sharif was running away from political persecution in Pakistan he was a journalist he was still doing his blogs and everything so I think it was okay. The Kenya investigation called for quick and thorough investigations into Arshad Sharif's death to determine the cause of the killing and bring those responsible to book the National Police Service through spokesperson Bruno chioso say they regret their unfortunate incident and competent authorities are currently investigating the incident Pakistan prime minister Shahbaz Sharif says he has had a telephonic conversation with President William Ruto and requested fair and transparent investigations into the shocking incident the independent policing oversight.

Authority has also launched investigations into the matter Arshad Sharif™s wife Javeria siddiq at 3 36 a.m on Monday articaled that she has lost her best friend husband and favorite journalist requesting for privacy at the moment Sharif leaves behind five children and his wife. He was born in February 1973 in Karachi Pakistan's largest city Arshad Sharif monitored his father's dealings who was at that time a commander at the naval wing of the Pakistani army in 1993. Arshad Sharif started writing as a freelance journalist bathing a lot of his work on exposing excesses imposed by the military that earned him a good name at the age of 20. Showing promise in a career in investigative journalism in 99 he landed his first job as a columnist at a local weekly Journal called the pulse where he rose through the ranks to become the Publications managing editor by 2001.

Arshad Sharif who specialized in defense and international Affairs reported on conflicts that occurred in areas of Pakistan that are under the administration of the federal government under Commander units in 2012 he was fettered with the œAgahi Awards for his contribution on Pakistan's war against terrorism and its counter narratives on undermining radical ideologies in 2016 he bugged the investigative journalists of the Year award and got selected as a recipient of the award for current affairs anchor of the year in 2018.

Sharif earned an extra further to his heart in 2019 after he was granted the pride of performance civil award by Pakistani President Arif Alvi  following his outstanding work in the field of Journalism. however in August this year the rain started beating the celebrated journalists who was already no stranger to controversy after he was charged with sedition following the Airing of an interview.

Exile in early August where he continued to artical his work on his YouTube channel calling out excesses by government by the end of August Ari Network the TV station where Arshad Sharif had worked for eight years terminated his employment citing a violation of the Network's social media conduct for employees his close allies report that Arshad Sharif has in Dubai Landing in the United Arab Emirates and recently Kenya where he operated from since he left his home country at the time of his death Arshad Sharif was among several sources including journalists who were interviewed in an investigative documentary dubbed behind closed doors seeking to expose.

The Pakistan High Commissioner says they are in the process of repatriating Arshad Sharif™s body back to Pakistan a journey that began with him alive when he left Pakistan to come to Kenya has ended with him returning in a coffin much to the pain of his family friends and the viewers who say they will so desperately miss him and the struggles he fought for them.