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Pakistan: The historical heritage

Pakistan: The historical heritage
Pakistan: The historical heritage

A country with enriched history with only 73 years being into existence Pakistan surely enjoys profound history. The historical heritage we often hear about includes Taxila, Thattha or Moenjodaro, yet there is much more to see and cherish in Pakistan. Chaukhandi tombs are among the least talked about historical sites in the country, with a reputation for sandstone carvings, these wonderful pieces of Islamic architecture in the form of cemeteries are a marvel to look at. The historical heritage.

Among the other worth-seeing archaeological sites include Banbhore, located in Sindh province the site dates back to first century BC. Takht-e-Bahi a Buddhist reclusive complex dating back to 1st century BC is located on a 152 metres high hill. The term means “spring throne” and the siteused to be a monastery for Buddhist followers. Another beautiful archaeological site is Rehman Dheri in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa near Dera Ismail Khan.

The Dheri is said to be among the oldest urban setups in South Asia. After Bhirrana, which is in Haryana, India, Mehrgarh is Kacchi Plain in Balochistan is the second oldest site of Indus Valley Civilization. It is a remainder of Neolithic civilization which existed back in 2500 BC.

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A Hindu temple complex near Katas village Katasraj Mandir is one of the fine examples of the architecture of its times. The minaret constructed in the memory of Mughal emperor Jahangir’s beloved deer, Hiran Minar near Sheikhupura district in Punjab calls the attention of its visitors with its serene beauty.

The Great Wall of Sindh, Ranikot Fort near Jamshoro is a historical fort with a circumference of 26 kilometres and is believed to be the world’s largest fort till date. There are more historical sites which present the rich culture and history of this region. The need is to make serious efforts to preserve their beauty and appeal.