Nutritionist on the weight and health

that's right - under the supervision of doctors, so more and more people come to see a nutritionist. Nutritionist on the weight and health.

Nutritionist on the weight and health
Nutritionist on the weight and health

Healthy lifestyle is in vogue today. And if you lose weight, that's right - under the supervision of doctors, so more and more people come to see a nutritionist. Nutritionist on the weight and health.

In the recent past, nutritionists have mainly focused on the selection of therapeutic foods for people suffering from various diseases - the right diet can, if not cure the disease, then greatly slow down its development.

Today, nutrition is understood more broadly: the fashion for a healthy lifestyle and the desire to have a perfect figure leads to a dietitian a huge number of people with a single goal - to lose weight. And here nutritionists are indispensable: they will make the optimal diet and give advice on how to lose weight without harm to health.

Specialists are in full swing

With all the variety of medical centers of certified nutritionists in the labor market, there are only a few - every year in the capital, only about ten doctors get the right to be called nutritionists ... To become a highly qualified nutritionist, you have a long way to go. First, graduate from a medical institute with a degree in "Medical Affairs" or "Pediatrics" (6 years of study).

Then enter the residency to specialize in "Diet" (two more years). Every year five to ten certified nutritionists come out of the institute. And that's all. The question arises: where do so many doctors come from to fill all the jobs? First, many nutritionists work in several medical centers at once. Secondly, sometimes doctors of other medical specialties act as the dietician: the gastroenterologist, the endocrinologist, cardiologists. But only a doctor who has received special training in the field of nutrition can competently cope with the task.

Universal doctor

Nutritionists working in hospitals or clinics make sure that patients follow the diet necessary for their disease. Of course, there are no conditions to provide individual nutrition to everyone in our clinics, all patients with the same diagnosis receive a standard menu.

Control over food units, introduction of new products and change of diets depending on new developments of dietetics - these are the main responsibilities of such nutritionists.

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A nutritionist-consultant in a specialized center works with patients individually. Evaluates their condition, conducts tests, research, if necessary, sends for consultations to other doctors. And only after all the preliminary examinations begins the main thing - the preparation of the diet.

In order not to make a mistake in the diet, the doctor must have knowledge of various fields of medicine: gastroenterology, endocrinology, cardiology. The main principle of nutrition, like any other field of medicine - do no harm.

Required qualities:

  • Tact
  • Ability to withstand high loads
  • Willingness to learn debts
  • Mathematical abilities

Career and Salary

The young doctor first interns at the clinic. Then he starts working as a doctor. In parallel, engaged in scientific work. With each new degree (junior researcher, researcher, senior researcher, leading researcher, etc.) the salary on the tariff grid increases.

Salaries of state employees are small. Additional income comes from customer-funded commercial research (for example, in testing new pharmaceuticals).

Higher salaries in private clinics: Many nutritionists combine work at a research institute and counseling in one or more private clinics.