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NUMS entry test results no later than October 25

The results of the admission test conducted by the National University of Medical Sciences NUMS entry test will be announced no later than October 25.

NUMS conducted entrance tests for the 2020 MBBS and BDS sessions on Sundays for 13 medical teams and five dentistry and college related teams across the country, as well as for Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) at the same time.

In his statement, Deputy Lieutenant General of NUMS (Syd Muhammad Imran Majeed) said that NUMS has reached an important stage in conducting the first national tests for medical and dental facilities without involving outside testing services.

“This will ensure dignity, transparency and high standards throughout the NUMS testing system,” he added.

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This year about 50,000 candidates passed the exam.

In addition to the NUMS placement test, successful candidates must pass the National Medical and Dental College (MDCAT) entrance test announced by the Medical Commission of Pakistan (PMC).

The national exam date will be announced soon.

The vision of National University of Medical Sciences is to improve the quality of life through education, research, innovation, and healthcare, thereby, contributing to endeavours to make Pakistan and this world better place to live in. Reuters