Not allowed to attend 100pc students schools

Not allowed to attend 100pc students schools
Not allowed to attend 100pc students schools

Education Minister Sindh Said Ghani said on Sunday that 100 percent of schools across the province would not be allowed until the coronavirus pandemic was eradicated.

œHow is social distancing observed if we allow 100 people to continue visiting? In school?" The minister asked in a press conference. He said the educational institution would accommodate 50 visitors.

Saeed Ghani said the government would speed up the recruitment process for teaching and non-teaching staff in the education department.

Earlier, Federal Education Minister Shafkat Mahmoud had tweeted about the resumption of 100-year-old students at all educational institutions in the country starting March 1 (tomorrow).

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"Important notice. All schools will return to regular 5-day classes starting Monday 1 March," he wrote in his official Twitter artical. "The restrictions imposed on schools in some major cities to provide parallel classes only last until February 28."

The tweet comes after the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) relaxed a number of restrictions on trade and official operations amid a downward trend in Covid-19 cases in the country.

According to the NCOC, the deadline for commercial activities has been lifted and the 50% participation requirement in employment has been lifted immediately. Reuters