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New website – show off your school!

New website - show off your school!
New website - show off your school!

The school’s website is the first place that students and their parents find when looking for a suitable facility. By looking at the new website, they form their first opinion about the school. Therefore, it is worth making sure that the school website is not only professional, but also unique in comparison to others – it shows the nature of the institution and its life. It is also necessary for it to meet important requirements, including on the availability of content for visually impaired and blind people (WCAG). It would seem that such an effect can only be achieved by using the services of a professional company creating websites. And not necessarily! With the help of the Website Generator it is really easy to prepare and maintain an online school business card.

IT knowledge is not needed

Not everyone has the knowledge necessary to create websites – it’s obvious. However, it is not necessary to create a modern and efficient website. In addition, having a limited budget.

The already mentioned WWW Generator comes to the rescue. The program is equipped with a configuration assistant that will quickly guide you through the process of creating a website, and then allow you to manage it easily and effectively. In addition, there are ready-made templates to choose from, and the graphic design and colors of the website can be easily changed. The attractive appearance of the website is ensured by a variety of widgets that can be freely added, modified and moved on the website. To see the changes before they are published, you can use the preview page. If necessary, it is also possible to restore the appearance of the page before the last changes. So you don’t have to worry about something going wrong.

Website tailored to your needs

According to the WCAG Act (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), websites of public entities, such as schools and kindergartens, must be adapted to the guidelines for website accessibility. According to the regulations, public entities are obliged to implement digital accessibility on their websites and in mobile applications. The update of the WCAG standard has been prepared with three groups in mind: visually impaired people, people with cognitive problems and users of mobile devices. It also takes into account new assistive technologies and modern ways of user interaction with the device and interface.

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Although not all principals are aware of this, the websites of schools and kindergartens are often not adjusted to these standards. Therefore, the creators of the WWW Generator took into account the fulfillment of the essential requirements of WCAG as part of the program functionality. When using the program, there is no need to worry that the website of the facility is not properly prepared. The website created with the WWW Generator has a version for visually impaired people, for example. It also adapts to the screen of a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Bustling school website

A lot is happening in schools – children and young people take part in competitions, performances and interest clubs. They want to show off their achievements, but each director wants to show how much his facility can offer. What works better than pictures from school events? The web generator allows you to create photo galleries in an extremely easy way. Photos are automatically sorted, arranged, and aligned. Then you just need to be proud of your students’ achievements. Undoubtedly, they will also attract the attention of applicants and their parents who will be looking for the best school.

Posting an advertisement is a good way to show what is happening in your facility. Students and their parents will be informed about current events, candidates will see what opportunities the school offers them. The timetable and current substitutions posted on the website are useful primarily for the current students. However, future students can also get acquainted with the class grid that will show what learning in their perhaps dream school looks like.

All this can be created not only by a professional company or IT specialist. Anyone can prepare a unique school website and publish it with one click. Although if someone knows a little html or css, they can use the expert mode, which allows for advanced page editing. Regardless of which variant you choose – it is worth using the support of the WWW Generator.