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Must Have Android Applications of 2021

Must Have Android Applications of 2021
Must Have Android Applications of 2021

The Android Eco-System has certainly improved and made strides over the years to accommodate the massive arrays of phones and gadgets that are now running the Google-made operating system. If you already are on the lookout for good Android applications, chances are you might have seen some of these already. However, everybody can use these applications with no worry. Most folks should even be relatively familiar with most of these as the lit itself does not change often a ta all. Must Have Android Applications of 2021.

The first application that we would wholeheartedly recommend is 1Weather, it is a free weather application that is perhaps the best weather application for Android right now and is a must have application for 2021. It shows the weather forecast for up to 12 weeks, has a radar and other fun stats that make it a good application. Alongside that, you get a decent set of customizable widgets and standard stuff like weather notifications as well as a rather so you can look at all the storms and everything approaching you.

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Another fun feature it has is its minimal design which lets you show the weather and everything else. Another application that is great for storing data and having cloud storage solutions available on Android where all new users can get about 15 GB for free permanently upon signing up.

What makes Google Drive so special is the fact that it can integrate to Docs, Sheets, Slides, Photos, Gmail, Calendar, Keep and Photos. It is a perfect one stop shop for all your backup needs while allowing you to keep notes and include live collaboration, deep sharing and further compatibility with Microsoft apps like Office which further enhance the capabilities of the particular application.

Google Maps now owns the a virtual navigation applications and it is still one of the best Android application. It is very frequent. It includes weekly updates that seem to add a generous list of existing features that are aside from the very basics. It also lets you access places of interest, and is a must have android applications.