The most physically demanding sports - 7 examples

These demanding sports are not for beginners. They require intense training and physical skills such as endurance, agility and speed. 

The most physically demanding sports - 7 examples

These demanding sports are not for beginners. They require intense training and physical skills such as endurance, agility and speed.

Some sports are not recommended for newcomers because they are much more physically demanding than other sports. In today's article, we'll cover some of the world's most challenging sports.

What sports are the most physically demanding?

  1. Boxing: a demanding sport

Many people consider boxing a sport that works out the entire body, but is also very demanding. Boxing training can be more extensive than training related to other disciplines; in boxing, athletes not only work with punches and blocks, but also with endurance.

Boxers must endure matches of up to 12, 3-minute rounds with short breaks in between. Boxing requires a lot of skill and strength to hit your opponent and move around the ring all the time.

  1. Hockey

Whether it's ice hockey, field hockey or inline skating, there are many reasons why it is on the list of the most physically demanding sports. Let's start with the fact that the rink itself is quite large, physical contact with opponents is constant, and matches last at least an hour (depending on the type of hockey).

Hockey requires players to be fast enough to navigate the rink, clever shooters to score goals, and flexibility to avoid the attacks of the opposing team.

  1. Rugby and American football, surprisingly physically demanding sports

These two sports have similar characteristics and are extremely demanding. First, both sports involve frequent contact and collisions between players. Additionally, the pitches are quite large; The rugby field is 100 meters long, and the American football field is 110 meters long.

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On the other hand, players have to run as fast as possible to leave their rivals behind and score points. Not to mention that players need to be very agile in order to avoid blocking opponents efficiently.

  1. Martial arts, alternative and physically demanding sports

We don't always understand how demanding these sports can be, as we end the sessions or workouts in a relaxed manner. However, martial arts work for the body and mind.

Breaking boards, kicking, blocking, knocking out an opponent, maintaining proper articalure and balance¦ it all takes strength, focus, endurance, agility and flexibility. You also need to be in the best shape possible!

  1. Tennis

You can imagine how intense tennis is just by watching a professional match. Or you can try a game of tennis for half an hour and see how exhausted you will be towards the end.

Tennis is a very complete and demanding training; in addition to hitting the ball with sufficient force and quickly moving their hands and feet, players also constantly have to run from side to side - and towards the net. The whole body is involved in scoring each point!

  1. Gymnastics

Just as we may underestimate martial arts, gymnastics may seem like an easy sport. But turns, spins, acrobatics, and programs require a tremendous amount of preparation.

While not all gymnasts need to be excellent performers like Nadia Comaneci, they all push their bodies towards perfect movements and a flawless program. To be a gymnast you need strength, a sense of rhythm, flexibility, agility, and much more.

  1. Football: Another physically demanding sport

The last of the demanding sports on our list is also the most popular of them. While players don't run for the full 90 minutes, the training and practice sessions for this 11-man sport - both at professional and amateur levels - are grueling.

Running on a 100-meter pitch, making direct contact with the opposing team, scoring goals, and even lunging onto the pitch to catch the ball, all bounces on your body.

Other challenging sports worth mentioning include basketball, wrestling, alpine skiing and motocross. The last one requires a lot of training to deal with high speeds as well as strength to turn correctly in turns. Have you ever tried these sports?