More than a goal: how to find meaning in life

Most people I know and work with want their lives to be meaningful. Nobody wants to live just like that. how to find meaning in life.

More than a goal: how to find meaning in life
More than a goal: how to find meaning in life

Most people I know and work with want their lives to be meaningful. Nobody wants to live just like that. how to find meaning in life.

Live a good life full of meaning.

This is not taught in schools, and most of us have no idea how to achieve it.

I will not be able to tell everything in one article about how to fill life with meaning, but I would like to explain how to move in this direction.


The first thing that comes to mind is to dedicate yourself to finding the meaning of life. How important is it? Are you willing to put up with uncertainty because of this, or are comfort and safety more important to you now?

To do this, you need to do it intuitively. Understand that it is important enough to dedicate yourself to this, to take the time to practice with uncertainty. Write down your commitment. Then - in front of others.


The second thing to think about is studying your goal, if you don't fully understand it yet. It's not just a question: "What would I like to do?" or search for the answer on the Internet. You need to do research, and it would be right to approach it with a sense of adventure.

Here's how I usually recommend exploring the goal:

  1. Make a list of things that you think are important - helping children in need, helping people reduce stress, traveling to help needy communities, etc. Include in the list everything that is even remotely possible or interesting, do not limit yourself. For example, I have found that it makes the most sense to help other people in what worries you.
  2. Ask yourself which 3-5 items on this list are most significant. If something really stands out - maybe that's what you've wanted to do for years - then that's where you need to start. But you may not be sure, so choose 3-5 points. This is your short list.
  3. Mark the main thing based on intuition. If you are not sure about anything at all, choose at random or ask a friend. This is not the final decision, but what you start with.
  4. Allocate 2 weeks for this main opportunity. For example, if you want to help people with stress, choose one person and communicate with them via video and email for 2 weeks. This is a mini version of your possible destination. Immerse yourself in it for 2 weeks for real.
  5. If it finds a response from you, continue the study for up to a month. If not, select the next shortlist item. Test it for two weeks. Repeat until you find something you want to continue for a month or longer.

This is an iterative method of goal research. Try a mini-version of a lesson for a couple of weeks. Maybe longer. And keep doing it until you come across something meaningful.

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Make sure you feel that you want to avoid this process or something related to it. This is the uncertainty that manifests itself in fear. This is perfectly normal, but you may ask yourself if you need support in this uncertainty so you don't have to stop.

Well lived life

There are an infinite number of opportunities to live a good life. You can meditate on the mountain for years or enjoy simple things. You can have a good time with loved ones or try culinary masterpieces. You can read all day or listen to music. You can work and return home with a sense of satisfaction.

For me, one of the most important components of a well-lived life - in addition to communication with loved ones and deep gratitude for my life - is to do something that seems meaningful. And it is usually helping other people in matters that are important to them.

If you can serve others, make their lives better in small (or big)¦ it seems incredibly significant. Much more than just travel, wealth, delicious food or entertainment. It's all great, but for me it doesn't matter much.

If you can come up with something like this, full of meaning¦ then living a good life will be easy:

Spend time with loved ones.

Take care of yourself.

Be deeply grateful for the joy of life.

Serve other people, filling their lives with meaning.

It's simple, but not always easy. And it makes life even richer.