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Morality in our society – An Educational Essay

Morality in our society – An Educational Essay
Morality in our society – An Educational Essay

Morality is one of the most subjective topics that exist on the planet. It is defined by humans for humans is thus deeply changing with the effects and influence of different cultures on it. While some cultures might deem an action as moral, some might call it immoral. Moreover, the introduction and integration of religion in modern day society has led to. A larger number of individuals being fascinated with the idea of morality as a value. Ism this way of morality the best way for people to treat each other or is it just a simple guideline that has been bestowed upon us by a divine entity? Morality in our society.

Morality in it itself is a topic of contention for many, with the rise of social media and new ways morals can be nudged all over the world. More people have started voicing their opinion on the crux of morality or whether there is a perfect society where every moral being considered is worth considering or not.

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Morality like said before is a very subjective matter. Which means that people might have different variations of morality who exist on the same household. A father might deem clothing as immoral while their daughter would think that its perfectly okay. The governing factor so the biggest issue in this case is the fact that who is to judge whose morals are right or wrong inn every case as it is a subjective matter.

Usually this is done by the state or in olden times by religion. Most courts too are useful for judging the morality of a society. However, as time grows closer, people have standard to develop a standardized sense of morality in European countries.

A standardised sense of morality revolves around the fact that every person is free to do what they please with themselves, wear whatever they want etc if they are good citizens of the state. This is how morality has changed over the course of humanity where it turned from a rule in concert to an everchanging item