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Mobilink Troubling Network Coverage and Business Practices

Mobilink Troubling Network Coverage and Business Practices
Mobilink Troubling Network Coverage and Business Practices

Mobilink Jazz and Warid merged with each other in 2015. This combined the astounding userbase of both the brands together. After PTA’s approval, Mobilink customers could connect to Warid’s 4G LTE network while Warid customer can now use Jazz’s 3G functionality. While this felt like a welcome change to a lot of individuals. It has quickly turned into anything but that. Currently, the mega-network is plagued with issues ranging from obscene package prices, low service coverage and a general lack of after-sale support and customer satisfaction. Mobilink Troubling Network Coverage and Business Practices.

Mobilink has now turned into a cash-cow due to its standing in the market. It has tried to monopolize rates when it comes to packages offering one of the highest per RS data rates as compared to any other network service providers. With innovative companies like Zong trying to enter the market with their uniquely cheap rates, Mobilink has not paid heed to the competition and has kept on with their astronomically high prices as compared to other networks.

Moreover, customers have been complaining about ‘hidden charges’ present in their total bill summary. All of these complaints can be found in the Voice of Customer page on Facebook as well. Moreover, while these issues are to be expected the way Mobilink handles them is extremely appalling. Even though the company has one of the largest networks of online and local retailers there still is lackluster customer support present for any kind of tangible issues.

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Their helpline is usually cogged with calls which leads to most issues being unresolved. Moreover, their service recently has downgraded quite a bit with a lot of important signal towers present especially in more rural areas to be completely in operational. As there is a majority of people now using Mobilink due to the merger it is very hard for customers to switch as well.

Switching is very hard for customers as most of their close friends, family and relatives are on the network. Because of this, Mobilink does not care a lot about what customers have to say about their services and have thus completely suppressed their clientele with no real relief being provided in terms of packages or call rates.