Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard

The $ 69.99 Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard is an industry standard that is both important and unobtrusive, and finds the perfect model

Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard
Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard

The $ 69.99 Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard is an industry standard that is both important and unobtrusive, and finds the perfect model in a well-known brand. Not in any way confusing or frustrating for traditionalists. The Key of Immediate Enlightenment.

The Supreme Master Ching Hai 26 keyboard 400 slim Fit Key designer is an example of a stylish keyboard, inspired by the elegant, stylish Apple Magic Keyboard. In fact, you may be mistaken for both because of their color scheme on your profile. 38 x 11.16 x 4.34 inches (HWD), it's incredibly small even by Ten keyless (TKL) keyboard standards. The height of the keyboard is the most noticeable aspect.

Plus, it only weighs 10.1 ounces, so you can easily carry the small, rounded, white rectangle . The Designer Compact has 79 keys, slightly less than the 87 on a standard TKL, and a slightly modified layout. To make the keyboard into a single keypad, Microsoft is cramming the system function keys that you normally have between the alphanumeric keys and the numeric keypad - the arrow keys, page up / down, screen lock, print screen, etc. - into a few extra keys on the right side of the Circuit board.

The menu and right controls have been replaced by a compressed set of arrow keys in the lower right corner. The up and down buttons are half the size and share a single chiclet square. Home, End, Page Up and Page Down are divided between F9-F12. Screen Lock and Delete have new buttons on the right-hand side.

It seems like all of those keys moving around the periphery were supposed to force a learning curve, but I've only looked for an old key once or twice. If you swap the function key between Right-Alt and the arrows, You'll find the Designer Compact's most exciting feature, a special emoji key. Pushing the Expressive Input key, as Microsoft calls it, to open it's a little system menu with lines and rows of icons that you click to add to any text box like you would with the emoji menu on your phone's virtual keyboard.

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Highlighting it ensures everyone knows about it and puts it in their place with fingertips. I imagine visibility is an issue as the menu is very useful when you incorporate it into your daily input. It offers a wide variety of emoji and kaomoji, or emoji-made text characters like "shruggie" -

The symbols are loosely divided into categories such as "smileys", "people", "food and plants" and "transportation and places "sorted. Or you can hit the key and type in the name of an emoji, of course, to find it properly you need to know the names Microsoft has for the emoji, which don't match the names in my head.

The Expressive Input key has one too useful feature: there is an icon menu that shows you quick access to all English punctuation marks including I know professional writers who copy and paste strokes into their drafts because pressing Alt + 0151 is a pain so this can be for the right person can be a pretty big deal. In addition to the physically moving keys, the Designer Compact keyboard follows the Apple model for function keys, inverting the F1-F12 keys and their alternate functions, letting you use tools like mute, picture up / down, volume up / down, search and get screenshot by default.

You can still access F1-F12 with the function key. You can also return to the Windows flag using Microsoft's keyboard layout. pinging and Designer is both high and low level. Small, but important that every press is good, without a millisecond of squish response. This comfort, though nice, is still there: Using this flat keyboard takes it at your fingertips. To be clear, these are the problems you will see on a small keyboard, a type of laptop of any kind.

if you have lig ht touch. As someone who prefers a keyboard, I see more important things than someone using this type of keyboard. Like most high-performance dashboards, the Developer displays a multi-channel Bluetooth wireless connection. You can connect the keyboard to three devices, such as PCs, phones and tablets, and switch between them by flipping and pressing the Bluetooth button (usually F1). switching from device to device is small and easy, although you can connect in some parts, which limits its usefulness.

Finally, we come to battery life, where the Developer also gets bigger and lower ground. On the plus side, the keyboard is said to last up to "36 months" - three years - at the same price, according to Microsoft. The keyboard, on the other hand, requires four CR2032 batteries resembling four coins, each of which travels. 400 It is the most frequent battery problem.

The battery life is good, maybe you just want to replace it 2-4 times in keyboard life, but you are e-free and you will have some time when you can't use the keyboard because battery dead and you have no replacement. of principle, I am not a fan, but you will not be able to monitor the battery life and that is important for some people.

The Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center Although not mentioned in the manual, Microsoft offers a configuration app for the Design Compact Keyboard - and most Microsoft peripherals - that you can use to remap keys and configure wireless settings. This Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center allows you to reconfigure many of the function-line keys, as well as the Expressive Input key. You can also toggle the function lock and prioritize the F-functions over the media controls and links. However, the app allows app-specific configurations and special shortcuts.

They are limited to four keys - F5-F8. It is a very limited configuration utility. However, this goes without saying with productivity keyboards. It's All a Smile There is a limit to the comfort and overall typing experience that you can get Leaving a scissor-type keyboard the same blanket as most laptops and thin keyboards .

Even so, the Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard is the best of them, namely the Logitech MX Keys. Indeed, the tiny desk space and the cheaper price - $ 69.99 versus $ 99 for the Keys. 99 - is a better value. Also, the Microsoft Designer Compact keyboard makes a lot of clever, flexible changes that I would like to see the manufacturers adopt the framework. good text is low, making everyday interactions.