Korea at the top of education in the world

Korea at the top of education in the world
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We have known for some time that not only Finland succeeds with its educational system, but also Korea. This is one of the countries in the Asian continent that has really succeeded with its educational system. With amazing results in a system in which the family is involved in the efforts of the students. But where that same successful system is one of the most demanding in the world.

Why Korea ranks as one of the successful countries in education

Obtaining the best education is a goal for every family in any corner of the world. But we must recognize that in many countries it is difficult to access education. And in others, families are not involved and students are not very motivated. Although of course, that depends on each individual story. Even in the worst conditions to study, we see wonderful stories of personal triumph.


The great success of Korean education lies in the level of commitment of both the family and the students. The study days are strenuous, equivalent to a working day in other regions of the world. And those that don't finish when they return home, because they continue to carry out tasks.


And in consultations in libraries and other places. If the boys and girls require better results, they usually attend additional hours at academies where they will get reinforcement. And if they wish, attend to be even more competitive.

Teachers are highly valued

Teachers are part of the success of Korean education. Unlike other places in the world, where teachers are little or not valued at all. They get poor pay and bleak working conditions, in Korea, teachers are really high achievers.

They need it to get a good job. And schools need it to attract more students.

Teachers are highly valued in Korean society. Students admire and respect them. And in that environment of pleasant coexistence of admiration and obedience, they prepare, make an effort and dedicate themselves to teaching. Obtaining more knowledge and constantly updating in their specialty. Because he who innovates, learns and grows will always succeed.

Education is very important in Korea. And today's students think about becoming tomorrow's achievers. So, in this successful educational environment, no one regrets waking up each day reviewing subjects or doing homework. After all, we already know that effort pays off.

Korean society extols student life

While in some places school failure is due to poor and obsolete educational systems. In places like Korea, they are not only great environments to study. The family and society value the great importance of the young generations and are seriously committed to their studies.

They support the student so that he can have all the facilities to meet the demands of the educational system. And they don't give it much thought if they have to spend a lot of money on their education. After all, here and everywhere, education is the best investment for the future.


The Korean educational system

As in many places, the educational system is public and private. Both are, although to a different extent, subsidized by the government. A child's education usually begins at the age of 6 or 7.


This age is not usually the same as in other places, since in this country it is counted from conception. Any Korean citizen is already one year old at birth.


As we said, children become part of the educational system from the age of 6 or 7. Primary school, also known as elementary, has six grades and lasts until the age of 13. From there, comes the middle school that has three grades and goes from 14 to 16 years old. The upper school has three grades that are studied between the ages of 17 and 19.


Contrary to what happens in other places, children in elementary and middle school are the ones who face more homework and a high extracurricular load.


When they finish school, it's time to go to university. So, the task of striving to educate yourself is not over. Any self-respecting country student knows that their professional success depends on their studies.

College and the pursuit of good grades

Entrance to the university is based on an exam. To which they complement their academic achievements, interviews, and student activities. The exam is the direct path to university, and what teachers and students focus on.


That requirement to go to university, and get the highest grades, forces students to pay tutors. And it supposes of course, more hours and more efforts. That facilitate admission to universities, located in Seoul.


Four years of undergraduate studies await them, except in medicine. And the boys must complete a year of mandatory service. While the girls will continue studying and graduate earlier. At the university the effort must be more and the hours of study increase, between better grades, better employment options and obtaining a good salary.


This is the educational system of a country that remains in the ranking of the most successful countries in education. Although it might seem excessive and demanding, let's remember that Korea is a country built by the efforts of its inhabitants. Perhaps in search of that student success, aspects that other students in the world enjoy are sacrificed.