Knowledge is a treasure, and the ability to learn is the key to it

The abstract presents a lesson on Knowledge is a treasure and the ability to learn - the key to it, which aims to form in students the idea

Knowledge is a treasure, and the ability to learn is the key to it
Knowledge is a treasure, and the ability to learn is the key to it

The abstract presents a lesson on Knowledge is a treasure and the ability to learn - the key to it", which aims to form in students the idea of ‹‹acquiring knowledge needed by all people in life, the development of respect for school and the formation of cognitive interests

Objective: To give children an idea that school acquires the knowledge needed by all people in life, and that knowledge is a great and invaluable treasure that makes a person strong, and the ability to learn is the key that opens the treasure and gives a person light. Develop cognitive interests. Educate respect for school.

Equipment. The seven-petalled flower is the color of the rainbow. In the middle of the flower are the words: "Rainbow world of knowledge".

Red petal - reading, the basis of learning: "He who reads a lot - he knows a lot"

The orange petal is a native language, a letter: "He who knows how to read - he reaps well and sows."

Yellow petal - mathematics: "Mathematics - gymnastics for the mind."

The green petal is the green world around us, the environment: "Spring is red with flowers, and autumn is with fruits".

The blue petal is the world of beauty, the world of music: "Music without language, and people convene".

Blue petal - physical education and sports: "In a healthy body - a healthy spirit."

Course of the lesson

Teacher. Dear children, here you are at school, in the first lesson. Which will lead students to the amazing Land of Knowledge. And you became students, my dear first-graders. The school happily welcomes you and smiles through all the windows to their beloved children. Look what a nice class, what clean desks. Here you will learn.

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Make friends, relax. In addition, the school is not only the room you have just entered, it is a great country of Knowledge, a country of childhood and youth. You have seen that not only young children study here, but also older students. All students receive relevant knowledge that is simply necessary for each person. Knowledge is all that a person knows, knows, and has learned to do. Knowledge is like this sun. And what does the sun give? It gives light, the light of science and then a person can read, write, count. And if there is no sun, then comes the night, darkness, a person cannot read and write, and it is difficult to live. That's why this sun gives each of you its own ray. It gives this ray to each one.

And you, children, try not to let out a bright ray from the hands and to go on it to light of knowledge. Here the sun has given you its rays, and you must follow them to the sun, to knowledge. And how to go? You need to work hard, try, work so as to know the most, to gain solid knowledge, to be educated, knowledgeable, smart and kind. In addition, to all the knowledge you acquire, you must add love and kindness, so that reason and knowledge bring you and all people on Earth happiness and joy. And now

The sun invites us to travel,

He tells a funny story.

Go, my dear ones, look under your feet,

Worship herbs and flowers gently.

Bring them grace in each palm.

Along with the rays of the cheerful sun.

Let the journey become a fairy tale,

Tell your dad and mom about it.

And it invites us to a large lawn, where many beautiful flowers grow. But one of them is unusual, it is a flower - a seven-flowered flower with closed petals. Children, let's ask that the sun and the flower give light. ("Sun, give light!")  But here is something written. (Teacher reads from the petal: "He who reads a lot knows a lot"). Everything is clear, it is a flower “ seven-flowered, named to us one of treasures with which we have to get acquainted and master it. -Who knows what a treasure is? (This is a great wealth that helps a person in everything, lives in abundance). And reading, which is the basis of learning, is one of the valuable treasures, having which a person can easily learn the world, and the book will tell you everything itself and help you travel on earth and even to the stars. You can go everywhere with it, because the book is wise and knows a lot, teaches a person how to live in the world.

Imagine that you are hungry, and there are many different jars with no pictures, only written words, and you cannot read. A literate person will read and understand what can be eaten and what can never be eaten, because it is not an edible product, but a poison. And the illiterate will start to try everything on the tongue and can easily be poisoned. Or, for example, you get lost in the woods, and how to get out of it, you do not know what to do? A literate person knows how to navigate the area, he was taught this at school, and an illiterate person will wander for a long time. And there are many such examples.

Teacher reads the proverb from the petal

Who will learn to write competently,

Therefore, all paths will open.

And will help others in life

One who respects the native language

Living in his native land,

He will overcome all the peaks

And he will not betray his mother.

The root of the family, the people.

Native mother, native father, native land and, native language, native school.

The holy words keep us in the world and teach us love for the shores, between which the river of our people, our nation, our flows from age to age! Their language and mother tongue on a par with such words as mother we are a nation that has always wanted to know a lot.

We are reborn, we live, we grow and grow stronger, we are resurrected from eternity. And it is the native language that is an invaluable treasure that a person has. Children, remember that we must not only love our native language, but also learn and cherish it like the apple of our eye. Because otherwise our people, our nation may perish. Therefore, I promise that in the lessons of the native language we will learn to write competently and learn the culture of communication, because those who forget their native language do not have a heart in their chest, but only a stone. Remember this!

(Teacher unfolds the yellow petal and reads the proverb).

Both strict and nightingale Mathematics

The work here is hard, just be able to count deftly.

Be able to count, add, compare, subtract,

Be able to cleverly understand everything - be the first to answer.

Nowadays, to manage and work honestly,

It is necessary to study mathematics very well at school.

To build a beautiful house, the master must clearly know its height, width, area, place it correctly so that people live well and comfortably.

Is it comfortable for you to sit at desks, because they are the right shape. To make them, people used mathematical calculations.

(Teacher unfolds a green petal and reads a proverb.)

The earth is the greatest miracle,

Because we are surrounded by a wonderful world.

And the environment is so beautiful

Everyone is attracted from a young age.

Everything is in harmony in this world:

Flowers, birds and stars.

So you have to love nature,

And always be her friend.

Every river and lake

Do not pollute, but clean.

Love and take to heart,

Save the green world and know!

From today you are not just first-graders, but also young defenders of nature. These emblems will be a testament to this.

(Teacher unfolds the blue petal).

The main task is for everyone to be healthy,

You have to take care of yourself - and don't fuss.

So how can we forget about physical education?

Spirit and will, harden the body with exercises!

And we need to exercise every day,

And to run, to jump - everyone needs movement!

And without this, children, the world cannot live.

Only in a healthy body is there a healthy spirit.

Physical moment.

Get up, children, smile,

Worship our land

For a happy day yesterday

And reach for the sun,

Lean in different directions,

Spin the spindle.

Sit once, sit twice

And sit quietly at the desk.

(Teacher unfolds the blue petal).

Beauty unites all people,

Happiness, joy gives us

Everyone sings with joy -

And there are such lessons.

Everyone here is taught music.

Notes jump merrily,

Well, you sing them.

(Teacher unfolds a purple petal).

A small bee, but it also works!

That's why you live in labor,

Because work feeds, laziness - wastes.

Get your hands used to work, friend,

And give the head knowledge.

Learn skills harder,

Be persistent every day.

I'm still learning to draw well,

To convey the world in colors

And people carry this beauty.

So, do you understand why you came to school? To master a valuable treasure - knowledge of each subject. But not only do you need to get the right amount of knowledge, but you must learn to learn. You will need this skill in the future because the learning process is continuous. Age live - age learn, - the people say. The ability to learn is the key that opens a person's treasures of knowledge. So never say I can't, but say - I'll learn! Teachers will help you at school. They love you and will teach you to become advisory, intelligent, and kind and wise.

Let's consider why we call the school the Land of Knowledge? (Because the school cares about all children, gives knowledge and as a mother, it wants all children to grow up smart, gain strong knowledge, to make life easy for them).

Now consider why knowledge is compared to treasure.

(Because whoever acquires strong knowledge in life will win everywhere, he will have strength, wisdom, intelligence, he will be able to convince everyone with a word, prove his rightness and win).

Therefore, knowledge is light and it is a great treasure, having which, a person will always win, will live wonderfully, will be able to do everything, will never be poor. And at school children gain knowledge, learn to create, reveal their talents and abilities. And from today, for 12 years in a row, you will walk a bright, joyful and happy road to school, where you will gain knowledge and study well.

This is the end of our first journey to the wonderful Land of Knowledge, where a precious treasure opened before us, a treasure of goodness, beauty, love, to periwinkle in a clear field, May our large school family be rich in great goodness, good health, song, harmony, and family warmth. Have a good time!