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Know the weather with these weather stations

Know the weather with these weather stations
Know the weather with these weather stations

Located anywhere in the house, the weather stations help to know details about the interior and exterior weather: from temperature to humidity or atmospheric pressure.

Weather stations offer real-time information on temperature and humidity both inside and outside the home, among other functions, as well as a weather forecast so, for example, not leaving home without an umbrella on a stormy day. Below we collect some weather stations that will help you to know more about climatology and how the weather works.

Bear ware Weather Station with External Sensor

All the information displayed on your screen, in full color and with 7.3 inches, can be personalized. Compatible with up to eight external sensors, it allows to know the temperature and humidity of the whole house. In addition, it works as an alarm clock, warns of frost when the outside temperature falls below three degrees, shows the time and date, the moon phase and the dew point. It can be connected to a power source or use three AAA batteries.

DIGOO Weather Station

Thanks to its touch screen its use is comfortable and intuitive and it has a soft white backlight to take care of the eyes. It is compatible with up to three external wireless sensors that transmit the collected information up to a distance of 100 meters. It shows the indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity level, and the weather forecast with large, clear symbols. It can stand upright on a small table or hang on the wall.

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Quntis Weather Station

With just a glance it is possible to check the temperature and humidity of the interior and exterior, as well as the weather forecast, the maximum and minimum of the last 24 hours, the date and the time. It is suitable for any room in the house and includes an outdoor sensor, but supports up to three simultaneously that can record information from a distance of up to 60 meters.

ThermoPro TP55

It offers three mounting options: desktop, wall or magnet (to fix it on the fridge door, for example). This digital indoor thermometer and hygrometer records maximum and minimum humidity and temperature every 10 seconds. Its LCD touch screen is backlit and displays all data in an oversized font for quick and easy reading. As for its size, it has dimensions of 11 x 8.5 x 2.4 cm and works with two AAA batteries.

Touloube Multifunctional weather station

Recorded temperature and humidity data from up to four different locations are displayed on its color LCD screen, each marked in a different color. In addition, the brightness of the screen is adjustable and it turns off automatically after 15 seconds to save energy (it works with three AAA batteries). It offers a weather forecast for the next 12 hours with an accuracy of 75%, showing clear symbols to indicate if the day will be cloudy, rainy, stormy, etc. It also has an alarm clock function.