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Know the benefits of practicing skateboarding

Know the benefits of practicing skateboarding
Know the benefits of practicing skateboarding

If you fell in love with skateboarding at the Olympics, you will be racing for your skateboard after reading the benefits it brings to your physical and mental health. Know the benefits of practicing skateboarding.

Exercising does not necessarily imply having to go to the gym, in fact, there are thousands of options that help you to be active and that are also super fun, such is the case of skateboarding, which, as we saw in the Olympic Games, has its degree of difficulty and that requires great physical and mental effort. As we want to motivate you to choose skateboarding as your new workout, we list some of the benefits it brings to your health.


If your thing is to sweat and burn calories, you will love skateboarding, because due to the effort you require to propel yourself on the skateboard, you burn up to 400 calories for an hour, and you will also have fun like never before.


While doing the awesome ‘tricks’ on the ramps takes a lot of practice, just balancing on the skateboard activates muscles throughout the body.


If you live it stressed or anxious, and you need to relax, skating could help you, since keeping your balance, not falling, doing tricks, etc. It requires a lot of concentration, in such a way that you forget everything else and focus only on what you are doing, so if your thing is not to close your eyes and ‘blank your mind’, this could be a way to active meditation that will make you feel much more relaxed.

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Sometimes we pay very little attention to our coordination and we take it for granted, but working it is like taking your brain to the gym, which helps it to be active and healthy, because like the body, we must also exercise it to prevent deterioration.


Since before being an Olympic sport, skateboarding has united thousands of people who love this discipline (with which Momiji Nishiya made history in Tokyo 2020), since it requires ‘a team’ to achieve the tricks, or to be passed their tips, and also, they always offer a hand for when you fall, so if you want to make new friends, go to a skate park because you will surely find them there.