Keys and tips for going back to school without drama

The following tips can help make the adjustment more bearable. Keys and tips for going back to school without drama.

Keys and tips for going back to school without drama
Keys and tips for going back to school without drama

After the holidays, going back to school can be an arduous and difficult task, in some cases. Children have to return to their routines in good physical, mental and emotional health. It is important to know that school performance depends to a great extent on the child's psychological, emotional and physical state. The following tips can help make the adjustment more bearable. Keys and tips for going back to school without drama.

Get a medical checkup for back to school.

Before starting classes, it is important to check the children to see how they are doing. That is why it is important to take them to the otolaryngologist and find out how their ears are.

It is also important to take the child to the ophthalmologist as he may have a vision problem that we can control. By detecting any vision problems in time we will be helping to maintain the good rhythm of learning.

Sometimes these problems can be found at home when children read a children's story or album. Parents should see if there are some of the most common reading problems, for example. Well, this could be due to a vision problem or other problems.

Other important things you should check is the child's mouth to see if there are cavities. In this case it is better to take him to the dentist so that during the course he does not have so many problems or has to miss class.

We will also check the children's heads for lice so that we can act accordingly. It is very important not to take the child to school if they have these parasites.

Let's give importance to the child's mood

Going back to school in many cases can cause anxiety and stress for the child. Especially when they have self-esteem problems, so we have to look at their behavior.

Sad, fearful, and downcast children may need other help. In these cases you can consult with your pediatrician before classes begin. We must try to avoid childhood depression, since it exists just like that of adults.

Communication is essential between parents and children

Family communication is essential for the best performance in class. It is important to talk with our children about the positive things that going back to school will bring them. We can talk about learning new skills, possible excursions, new friends and reuniting with old ones. It is essential to help build the child's self-esteem.

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The positive attitude of parents

Positive mind at all times, even if it costs us. Obviously, adults also suffer from artical-vacation syndrome but we have to overcome and not show our degree of anger, sadness or melancholy in front of children. The behavior of the minor can be influenced by that of the adult and we already know that children also learn by imitation ... so let's set a good example!

In order for our children to also maintain a positive mindset and a good predisposition to work, adults have to understand and understand their fears and fears. In this way we will know how to comfort and help them, from here to communication is one of the best tools.

Facilitating the adaptation to school is not easy, but together and with a couple of weeks in advance, we can bring good vibes to make this transition easier.

Back to school: routines and schedules

A week or two before school starts we can start imposing new schedules and routines. For example, regulate meals, outings, hours of play, bathing and sleeping. It is important to prepare a little the subjects that will be given in the new course or to do some exercises to exercise the mind.

We really don't know how long it takes for a child to adjust to school, especially if it is the first time they go, but it is usual for them to do so in a week

The importance of getting a good rest

Good rest is essential for young and old alike. During the night he has to comply with the hours of sleep and avoid spending his time on other things. At night you have to sleep, to be able to perform the next day. If we notice that you wake up very often and that you are very sleepy during the day, you are probably not sleeping well.

Buy the most suitable backpack

Choose the best backpack for the weight you are going to carry. It is essential that it protects the child's back and thus avoid future pain. Remember to choose well.

Back to school: prepare school supplies with your children

After the holidays without homework or extracurricular activities, routines and schedules follow. But one of the fun things we can do with our children is go shopping together.

It is time to prepare the school supplies and this can be done as a family. Covering books, naming, keeping an eye on new things is always exciting.

Back to school: customize school supplies

Going back to school can be fun if we customize the school supplies. It is a fun idea that you can do days before the start of classes.

Both parents and children can spend quality time, immersed in the illusion of customizing their notebooks, cases, pens, notebooks ... Even some things can be made by hand such as pen holders, notebook covers or create our own case.

It is good that children spend days before reviewing some subjects that are somewhat weak, such as reviewing English or mathematics. But it is convenient to think that they will face new challenges and changes.

Within the new situations you will find new teachers, new friends, perhaps a new classroom, new subjects and much more. This can cause stress and alterations in the child that we have to know how to face and help them.

Going back to school also affects parents

Obviously, the change in routines, the different schedules, the tutorials, the extracurricular classes, the home, the family and the work make parents also affect the return to school. So let's try to keep our heads in place and not succumb to stress.