Justice Project Pakistan Hosted ˜Technology for Justice (T4JF)™ Forum

Project Pakistan, with support from the Federal Republic of Germany, hosted €œTechnology for Justice Forum (T4JF)€ here on Saturday

Justice Project Pakistan Hosted ˜Technology for Justice (T4JF)™ Forum

Project Pakistan, with support from the Federal Republic of Germany, hosted œTechnology for Justice Forum (T4JF) here on Saturday. The conference was dedicated to the promotion of technology-based innovations to bring legal reforms in Pakistan and finding ways to further strengthen the legal system by incorporating technological solutions.


This first-of-its-kind forum brought together Pakistani thought leaders, including senior government stakeholders, civil society members, academics, key stakeholders from the ministries of law, human rights, science and technology, senior judges and lawyers, as well as ambassadors of various donor countries ” all committed to supporting the indigenous, innovative efforts made to strengthen the rule of law in the country. Honourable Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan, Justice of Supreme Court Pakistan graced the occasion as Chief Guests. Some of the guests & speakers included Faisal Aftab - Co-Founder Zayn Capital, Beau Seil - Co-Founder Patamar Capital, Taimur Malik - Partner Clyde & Co, Mohammad Ahmad Pansota- founding partner Ahmed & Pansota, Honourable Justice Ali Bakir Najafi - Judge Lahore High Court, Honourable Yasir Humayun - Minister Information Technology & Higher Education, Senator Syed Ali Zafar- Chairperson Committee on Law & Justice.


Opening remarks for the conference were made by Hassan Khawar, Special Assistant to the Chief Minister of Punjab and Official Spokesperson of Government of Punjab. While speaking on the importance of technology in the legal system he said œTechnology is bringing about a revolution in the world and for any society to grow and work, rule of law sits at the very foundation. If these two things come together, it can really become a game changer to fix what lies in the route of our society, I think it will be a great step for Pakistan.


Addressing the Conference, Honourable Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan said; "The integration of Technology in the field of law is the future, we must be prepared for it. I invite you all to join hands with us in our quest to + help create a society & a legal system which is just and fair and where the Rule of Law Prevails."


The Technology for Justice Forum celebrated Vakeel Online, an online legal platform aimed to play a critical role in bridging the gap between justice, legal practitioners & real people. Such portals are of utmost importance and need of the hour considering the foundation of the conference i.e., introducing technology in the legal system where the real beneficiaries will be the people of Pakistan who will have justice at the palm of their hands.


œSince the past twenty years we have travelled from non-computerized to computerized systems and the pace at which things have progressed and at the point where we are now is of great significance in the legal system said Hon. Justice Ali Bakir Najafi- Judge Lahore High Court.


Justice Project Pakistan™s Executive Director, Sarah Belal Said, œAfter witnessing the exchange of ideas at T4JF, I am extremely excited for the future and look forward to seeing the brilliant initiatives discussed today materialising in the coming months.


The event provided a space for a public-private sector meeting that advocates for an increased and effective technology integration into legal reform.