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Jaguar Announces New Vision Grand Turismo Supercar

Jaguar Announces New Vision Grand Turismo Supercar
Jaguar Announces New Vision Grand Turismo Supercar

The new Jaguar all electric supercar will be debuting tomorrow. The company has already updated existing models such as the 2021 E-Pace and has also launched new special edition F-Type models as well. The automaker has also announced that they will be revealing their new Vision Grand Turismo Supercar on Facebook on Wednesday. In 2019, the car could be played on the latest PS4 Gran Turismo game and now actual pictures of the car have also been revealed. A Patent for the car has also been filed for in China as well. The car itself will be the automaker’s second vision GT in only two years. Jaguar Announces New Vision Grand Turismo Supercar.

This means that Jaguar is extremely serious about building something like this in the future. In a recent tweet by the company, the Jaguar lineup talks about how they are about vision and electric gaming performance. The company has however, kept most of the information about the car under a strict wrap with no real information given at all. The is supposed to be all electric.

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It is rumored to be producing a thousand horsepower with three electric motors. The reveal will also shine a light on the second Jaguar VGT for the players of Grand Turismo as well. The car will be completely electric and will thus have a lot of torque which will be output instantaneously. It is mainly meant for the racetrack so expect a low center of gravity with extremely fast accelerations and top speeds. While the car will be road legal do not expect it to come into production anytime soon as it is still a concept and a lot of the technologies being implemented into the car or expected to be implemented are still in very early developmental stages as well.

The Jaguar all electric is a state of the art machine which will encompass the technological prowess achieved by the company in the coming years. It will incorporate some of the design elements from previous models while also establishing new technological innovations that should be unique to the car itself.