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Is YouTube Down Right Now on December 2020?

Is YouTube Down Right Now on December 2020?
Is YouTube Down Right Now on December 2020?

YouTube is confirmed to be down right now globally for all countries. There is no reason currently as to why it is down right now. There are rumors that it might be due to temporary server maintenance but currently Google, the makers of YouTube have not provided any reasoning as to why it is happening. YouTube is used by billions of people every day and is used to access various kinds of videos which can range from TV shows to movie and much more. YouTube has been confirmed as being down on the 14th of December 2020 and currently no official report has been made discussing what the issue is. YouTube Down Right Now on December 2020.

YouTube is the premier video sharing site and is used by customers around the globe for quick and easy access to videos. Since the website is down, users cannot find proper alternatives for the website and are left in disarray as even uploading videos and downloading videos is not possible. Users who can get into the site are having trouble logging in and those who are able to login cannot play any video.

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So, in function YouTube’s servers are completely closed in 14th December 2020 with no official report as to what has happened yet. If previous times are anything accurate, there is a high chance that YouTube will be back up by the end of the day. If it is a larger server wide issue however, then expect the site to be coming back up much later. Users around the globe have tried accessing the sites through various different sub domains such as US, HK and PK but none of them are seeming to work right now. This is quite concerning for individuals who wanted to watch videos and upload content on the site today.

With the site being down, most individuals are in disarray with no clear indication from the site as to when it will finally be taken back up and users will be able to enjoy watching videos as YouTube is currently down on the 14th of December 2020.