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Is your M1 Macbook Air a Chromebook?

Is your M1 Macbook Air a Chromebook?
Is your M1 Macbook Air a Chromebook?

The Macbook Air is definitely not a Chromebook. Both are extremely similar. The Macbook Air is running on Apple’s own M1 chip and is currently free. With a few new other features that Apple has brought along with new processors, Apple has turned the MacBook into a new successful Chromebook. However, it is something a little more competitive to Google’s computing offering. Chromebooks are known for their speed and are quick to turn on and you can get to work with them as well. The M1 Chip can do well most of it.

The Apple logo is just like the Chrome logo and will greet you instantly as soon as you open the lid. With an iconic start up sound of Apple’s it has a very nice touch. If you have already set the computer up you will be signed in and you can be ready to work in seconds. It does not have that speedy of a setup but on a Chromebook, you should open the computer sign in to google and your Wi-Fi.

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After you complete a few other steps like Google Assistant dependent on your device. The first time set up on Macbook is about the same. The first M1 Macbook Air ran into a problem though. There were some critical issues with the battery which caused a software bug with the Macbook Air. Even with an Intel Macbook the process itself isn’t straightforward. Apple has released some alternative directions to reset the M1 Macs but they still are not quite easy to complete. The Mac itself is a lovely machine especially with the battery life of the M1. It tries to fulfill a lot of the things a Chromebook did but in a much better format.

Unlike a Chromebook which runs ChromeOS, the Macbook runs Apple’s own MacOS which is widely adopted by developers everywhere which has led to a huge resurgence in how it has dominated the market. ChromeOS cannot do a lot of what MacOS and that is the reason why the Macbook is a much better Chromebook.